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Oakes Air Conditioning: Green Dream Photo Realistic (figure)

HC Home Network News : March 2010, at Oaks Air Conditioning “Green China”??? About Ningbo Oaks “by” Action News conference. Subsequently, the Oaks Air Headquarters decided to formally start the “cut” operation, and further deepen their “healthy air” The core idea. In the climate change summit in Copenhagen in 2009 under the influence, “

Energy “” Emission reduction “,” green “,” low carbon “has become the focus of competitive home appliance industry.

Along, “Health, Environmental protection “Has been a tireless pursuit of various enterprises the highest goal. In continuous practice of” green, energy-saving “product development philosophy on the road to Oaks as one of the tireless efforts of a member has, thus keeping pace with the times, and when the times, the competition foothold in the industry.

Oaks: Green dream photo realistic ( HC Family with map grid )

“Subtraction” operation 2010 Oaks practice “by action” strategy, including reducing energy efficiency, reduce prices, reduce pollution. Oaks “reduction” operations targeting freon

Inverter air conditioner Market, environmental protection and energy conservation are two major advantages of inverter air conditioner. Relatively constant speed air conditioners, inverter air conditioner could be saving about 30%. Its powerful features make power inverter air conditioner market in urban and rural areas have great development space. Statistics show that in November 2009, Oaks inverter air conditioner sales have accounted for their

Sell More than 20%. From May 2009 has been accounted frequency in Oaks market steadily, suggesting Oaks frequency increased channel sales have reached. 2010, the Oaks once again raised sales break 1 million units conversion goals for this phase.

Savings in production costs, the Oaks are doing hard, “subtraction.” Oakes has its own production matching system, now more than 90% of Oakes zero air conditioning

Fitting To achieve self-sufficient, the cost of a single brass lower than the 25% outsourcing. This not only saves logistics costs, but also to ensure product consistency and reliability. Oaks is a cost saving, while the first one to come out and make the “triple subsidy” slogan of the manufacturers, that state subsidies of 10%, 10% of dealers on the basis of subsidies, then 10% of subsidies to compete inverter air conditioner market . Oaks also can regulate the profits in the space selling cheaper, so that benefits to consumers and expand market share in share of inverter air conditioner.

Reduce energy consumption as the criterion, Oaks has developed a series of green environmental protection product. “Dare to fight for the Chinese people a healthy air”, which is oxygen Oaks Health Care Group of the water of a strong air-conditioning

Advertisement Language, sentence slogan personality clearly explained the “green, green” concepts. Oaks in the country’s first “water retaining oxygen” of new technology, using the Japanese hygroscopic wheel technology, from minus 20 degrees in the air absorb moisture, keeping indoor humidity balance. Meanwhile, the Oaks Group R & D is also independent of “high-energy anti-drug and lysozyme”, “health positive and negative ions”, “Hydro-automatic washing function” and “one health” and other patented technology. The patented powerful “green, green” features will be on Oaks and other competitors compete for the same industry to play a prominent role, can effectively promote a virtuous circle of competition in the industry.

Innovative idea and the green dream

1994, Zheng Jian, Jiang create Ningbo Oaks Electric Factory, formally entered the air conditioning industry. After the beginning of 2000 “event marketing” model and in 2004 created the first “service marketing” a new mode, only a short 10 years Oaks became China’s top 500 enterprises, the industry leader in the international energy meter who the top three Chinese air conditioning industry, the national top 20 private enterprises, while Oaks will also extend to business communications, automotive, medical and other high-tech fields. Today the world is concerned about global warming was under way, Oaks close to the times, seize the opportunity to develop their own “health, energy conservation,” the new road.

Oaks innovative use of product marketing tools to practical action to deal with national policy and market development needs. In 2009, the national “home appliances to the countryside, TM, Huimin Project” under the guidance of three policy’s benefits, Oaks timely introduced to Frequency Converter, energy-efficient fixed-frequency machine, go to the countryside machine, engineering machine, Guiji-based system of five products, and make green fluorine-free technology market to develop a new frequency distribution. Oaks of this initiative were realized on the “home appliances to the countryside” policy, “Energy-efficient subsidies to promote” policy and appliance “TM” policy of targeted coverage, the ultimate goal is to build business, market, dealers consumers and other multi-win-win business value chain, creating more green wealth.

Stronghold in Oaks, Tiantong Forest Park has a country first “Green China forest”, from the Oaks and the China Green Foundation for Change, In practice, each selling a Green Oaks Baby air conditioning, on the China Green Foundation donated a sapling. Data show that a tree can absorb the 18.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide a year. 2010 Oaks air-conditioning sales target of 350 million or more, of which, green baby products will account for nearly 40% share, which means that this year’s Oaks will be donated to the community over one million tree seedlings .

Oaks opened a Chinese “green” economy concept, green culture, green technology, green production mode, the green lifestyle is the only route to global sustainable development. China’s energy industry is investing in innovative, green economy is no longer a distant dream, the green dream is gradually transformed into reality.

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