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Nokia Mural 6750 Reviews


A terribly trendy phone by Nokia that has great features on the inside. Nokia Mural 6750 could be a clam shell model phone and it has a screen on the lid too. The screen on the lid will provide you time, network service, signal strength, battery and numeric caller ID. We tend to reviewed Sony Ericsson Equinox before this and in both the phones we tend to would have liked a photo caller ID. There are also three music keys on the lid to use when the phone is closed. They provide fast access to the music playback. Nokia initial did the music access keys thing on Nokia N76 phones.
The within display of the phone is 2.25 inch, supports sixteen million colours and includes a 320X240 resolution. The display is bright and sharp simply like alternative Nokia phones. The keyboard is kind of different on this phone, it is the type that you do not see much. We reviewed the Sony Ericsson Equinox before this and therefore the two keyboards look quite similar. Equinox had a little onerous keys however this one is better. You may want a very little time to induce used to this keypad till then occasional mishits are common. But this keypad spacious and pretty good to type on, once you get used to it. Above the keypad there are 2 soft buttons, music key, net browser key, camera button and decision/call finish buttons. There’s no back buttons or the ‘c’ that Nokia phones have. The backlighting could are more.
Nokia follows the calls to travel inexperienced; this product is created by 80% recycled plastic. The handset is free from benzene, asbestos and CFCs. The packing is made from twenty five% recycled materials and also the user manual uses 10% recycled paper. We have a tendency to appreciate the hassle made by Nokia to use recycled paper as we tend to apprehend that recycling paper is expensive and difficult process. We simply hope that Nokia doesn’t push the value of recycling on us.
The phone contains a one thousand contact phone book and just like different Nokia phones, this one too takes five numbers for one entry, 2 e-mails, address, birthday, formal and nick name, company name and job title, and notes. You can assign photos to an individual and you’ll pair up a hoop tone for an individual. But the photos won’t show on the external show since it doesn’t support photo ID. The SIM card will hold 250 additional contacts.
The music quality of Nokia Mural 6750 is sort of good. The player supports heaps of file formats like AAC, MP3, WMA and has settings like equalizer, playlists, shuffle and repeat modes. You’ll be able to stick up album art to the song so that it shows the image when the music is playing. You’ll be able to create your own ring tones with the included application and can save edited MP3 tracks as ring tones. FM radio is additionally included. When it comes to storing music you will have to buy a separate microSD card since the interior memory is only 70MB. The phone memory is expandable up to 16 GB. The card isn’t hot swappable however you do not have to remove the battery to access the cardboard, since the memory card slot is accessible after you remove the battery cover. There’s no 3.5 mm jack therefore you’ll must use the one bundled by Nokia, or get an adapter.

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