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The Replacement of Android Phones for In-Car GPS Devices


by The National Roads and Motorists’ Association Standard in- car GPS( global positioning system) devices will face a tough competition in the form of smart phones using Android system which is  an operating system for mobile phones developed by Google  for people not up to date with the latest technology development. A software update of […]

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Achieving real-life experiences through the modern audio-video devices

The display technology is evolving very rapidly. Whether it is the TV screens, the computer monitor, the mobile screens, the notebooks or any other device requiring display of videos, pictures or images, the technology has made a great headway to give a real life experience to the viewers. From the kids using the handheld gaming […]

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The New Wii And All News Of Video Devices

The Wii has managed the ambitious task of extending electronic games to an audience that had never before been achieved by this category of products. But despite having already broken so many records in sales, the heads of Nintendo do not intend to stop here, but aim to conquer new goals. Since September the price […]