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News That Apple Intends To Acquire Speech Recognition Company Nuance

according to foreign media reports, Apple co-founder by Senanayake (Steve Wozniak) recently released a video in error that Apple has acquired Nuance speech recognition technology of the company, Nuance record intraday price since Tuesday 17 April 2009 a new high since.

U.S. website recently released a video Watts Nyack, video, Apple said in Watts Nyack speech recognition company has recently acquired Nuance. Watts Nyack in the video said, They (Apple) has recently acquired a great voice recognition technology vendor Nuance. But Watts Nyack on Tuesday said they e-mailed statement, he said, Apple recently acquired Nuance video clips there mistake. Watts Wozniak also mentioned in the statement, Siri. This year in April, Apple agreed to acquire the development of mobile application developers Siri as voice recognition technology.

Nuance shares on the NYSE on Tuesday was 12%. To close, Nuance shares closed at $ 17.75, up $ 0.64 over the previous day, or 3.74%. Nuance record intraday price since Tuesday 17 April 2009 a new high since. This year, Nuance shares cumulative gains of 14%.

Watts previously served as Apples Wozniak head of technical operations, since 1985, Watts Nyack no longer work at Apple. Up to now, a spokesman for Apple, and Nuance are this no comment. In the past 5 years time, Nuance has been in a revenue increase. Currently, Nuance more than 45% of revenues come from mobile voice recognition software market. Nuance current market value of about 5.2 billion. If Apples acquisition of Nuance, which will be from Steve Jobs 1997 year Since returning to Apple, the companys largest deals.

Sartre Wedbush Securities analyst Scott Rand (Scott Sutherland) said, Nuance shares rose because Watts Nyack rumors. But Sartre Rand believes that the transaction can not be achieved, because Apple has already developed a number of its own speech recognition technology products.

Apple hired investment bank Goldman Sachs last year to help companies plan to carry out mergers and acquisitions. Since Apple CEO Steve Jobs became the company has successfully acquired 14 companies, which this year bought a 4.

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