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New Photo Equipment At Photokina 2010

Have you visited Photokina 2010? We are sure that all those who have would confirm the experience was worth it. Every two years the producers, inventors, distributors, users, fans and enthusiasts gather to show and absorb the new trends in the field.
One of the trends discernible in the industry as a whole is the general shift in functionality of photographic equipment using new software solutions to control them. This is related to the omnipresent computerisation we also register with all kinds of mobile devices we use everyday. Cameras take over these features and provide users with new functions. Starting from as simple as face detection, cameras can now also shoot HD videos, when connected to PC their software can easily change the format of the pictures and help the user to upload them to social networks etc.
Even the photographic accessory equipment has not escaped computerisation. For example presented for their second time at Photokina their solution for easy and very effective production of 360 degree product photography. The robots enable the photographer to take a series of pictures of a turning object from predefined angles. Everything – the robot itself, the lights, the flashes and the camera – is controlled by a computer (or MAC). This equipment is usually used in some 3D photo studio. The pictures are then, using one of many software solutions, post-processed and published. 360 degree photography is more attractive and interactive presentation of an item than a normal picture and is therefore mainly used by e-shops who by their own definition computerise shopping. And we could go on in describing the endless string of how software gets control over more and more hardware.
Using new equipment in a photostudio provides a photographer with new means and possibilities of capturing the photographed objects. This can be seen as either killing the traditional artistic photographic work or creating new ways of photographic work that involves the latest technology and challenges the photographer to come up with new creative ideas.

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