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New Mercedes-benz Hong Kong Viano Reviewed


Ten years ago, the range of Mercedes-Benz in Hong Kong were limited to executive C-classes and the occasional Hong Kong sports car. Nowadays the world’s most iconic luxury car manufacturer is putting their own stamp of luxury on all sorts of Hong Kong vehicles, from A-classes to Army vehicles and sedans to passenger vans. Today we check out the new Hong Kong Mercedes-Benz Viano and decide whether this new venture is worth buying … or will Mercedes-Benz’s talents always lay with racing cars and executive sedans?

Hong Kong Mercedes-Benz Viano: The Basics
The Viano has been re-vamped for the styling, environmental and handling demands of drivers in 2011, and its basic stats are now:
-3.5L V6 petrol engine
-190kW (258hp)
-Compliant with Euro 5 emissions standard
-Bi-xenon headlamps and LED daytime driving lights
-Multi-function steering wheel
-Options including Rear Seat Entertainment system and reversing camera

Hong Kong Mercedes-Benz Viano: The Interior
If there’s one thing that Mercedes-Benz excels at, it’s interiors that are utterly luxurious and completely full-service. The interior of the Viano makes it easier than ever to customize your Hong Kong vehicle’s environment and features, with an overhead control unit, new buttons in the upper control panel of the center console and a re-designed shift lever. The steering wheel is a multi-function one, adding both ease of use and driving safety credentials. Both the boot area and the ordinary passenger areas are very spacious, and come with the luxury touch we’ve come to expect from Mercedes-Benz.

In terms of the auditory experience of the Viano’s interior, there has been extensive attention paid to the interior noise levels. Additional absorbers and insulation have been added, the body structure reinforced and the seat design modified for ultra-quiet travel … plus you can add an optional pre-installation of the Rear Seat Entertainment system, to ensure that you get enough of the noise that you want!

Hong Kong Mercedes Benz Viano: Engine and Ride
The Viano is compliant with the strict Euro 5 emissions standard, but offers enough power to get out of sticky road situations. There has been quite a bit of attention paid to upgrading the chassis, also. Both the front and rear axles have been completely re-vamped, with a completely new range of assistance systems for driving.

Hong Kong Mercedes Benz Viano: Exterior
There has also been an exterior look upgrade to bring Viano Hong Kong new cars up to the cutting edge of automobile design. Both the front and rear end have been tweaked, with the new radiator grille sporting a honeycomb design, color-coordinated grilles, an updated tail light positioning and a one-piece light unit.

If you spend a lot of time in your car, and can’t make do with a skeleton crew of features, the Viano is one of the ideal Hong Kong vehicles for you.

As one of the world’s most exciting and prestigious brand,Mercedes Benz Hong Kong offers luxury passenger cars in Hong Kong and Macau.

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