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Car lovers and car enthusiasts who need a reliable and dependable mode of transport often prefer Volkswagen over other manufacturers simply due to the famed performance of their petrol and diesel engines. Couple this with modern Euro styling cues and premium grade interior appointments and it is made evident that the price is enough justification for actual ownership. It is true that Volkswagens are often more expensive than the competition but the driving feel and performance is enough to command the moderate increase in price. Buying a brand new Volkswagen is made easy by a new car dealer Barnstaple that offers an impressive line of Volkswagen vehicles to fit any budget and lifestyle.

The Volkswagen Polo and Fox are ideal cars for the first time driver as it conveys a sense of security in each mile you drive. Credit this to the easy to drive nature that is inherent on most small cars and the ride quality that is miles apart from other competitors. The Scirocco is in a class all its own and includes a modern engine and drive train package wrapped in a sleek and futuristic design that draws praise from car lovers worldwide. The Golf needs no specific introduction as it has remained the penultimate hot hatch for the lady or gentleman who prefers nothing less when it comes to space, styling and outright performance.

There are a lot of perks in buying a brand new car. Besides providing a certain pride of ownership, the factory warranty and new car smell continues to be the driving force behind each new car purchase. A Volkswagen new car dealer Barnstaple will provide you with all the car choices you need to benefit and complement all aspects of your active lifestyle. This will also let you specify the right caraccording to the constraints of your budget.

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