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Network Storage In Monitoring The Application And Advantages (photos)

1, the network is stored in the security Video Monitoring The application and advantages

Security video surveillance technology can be summarized as three steps: simulation Digital Network.

In three phases, you can clearly see the video surveillance technology and data storage technologies apply the changes and development. Analog signals and initially characterized by closed-circuit television equipment Monitoring System CCTV (ClosedCircuitTelevision), with VCR (VideoCassetteRecorders) store monitoring data; to digital or part of the digital video surveillance system to DVR (DigitalVideoRecorder) store monitoring data; to the current thriving network video monitoring system (IP monitoring system), newer storage technology (DAS, NAS, IPSAN or FCSAN, etc.) stored monitoring data.

1, video surveillance of the storage requirements

Recent years, the security industry in China has made great progress, ” Safe City “,” 3111 Project “,” Global Eye “,” Wide Horizon “and other major projects carried out, video surveillance in Traffic , Food, health and quarantine, customs, energy, finance, defense and other fields is widely used market very promising. Market expansion led security technology continues to progress, the current security monitoring technology has completed the monitor from the analog to digital surveillance, to monitor changes in the network.

Surveillance video storage system is an important part of monitoring system. First of all, no doubt about the importance of data, server or network downtime can damage repair, and data loss is irreparable, the consequences are very serious; also stored in the proportion of the whole system more and more, from the perspective of commercial value are also increasingly more attention has been paid.

Audio and video data 7 24-hour saved to storage systems, and calls can be called at any time, for storage reliability and performance, it raised new demands, which also prompted a number of storage technology for the production of security monitoring .

Massive data requirements

Surveillance data is 7 24 hours to write, storage time from 7 days, 15 days …… even to 1 year, the amount of data increases with time linearly. We can simply calculate the capacity of the scale, small-scale example of a calculation: 500 Way of monitoring large ones, 2MbpsD1 format requirements, data storage time of 30 days;

Required storage capacity = 500 Road * 30 days * (24 hours * 3600 seconds * 2Mbps / 8) / (1024 * 1024) 300TB;

For a Safe City project, general monitoring of large ones are usually a few thousand to tens of thousands of roads, thousands of TB more common items, which the traditional storage industry is unimaginable.

Performance requirements

Video surveillance video stream mainly write, characterization performance of the storage to support the number of road stream (usually 384Kbps-2Mbps). Traditional properties such as IO rate (IOps), memory bandwidth (MBps) in the control system which does not have the reference value;

Write in multiple concurrent cases, large storage pressure or need to do performance optimization.

Price sensitive

Security monitoring industry, mass storage, because the total capacity, causing the price of the total costs. Anti-speaking, the capacity of the unit cost (price per TB) is very demanding;

Usually difficult to use expensive storage abroad Product Or FC storage. In addition to the disk media, enterprise-class SATA hard drives Seagate stability in high load environment, to achieve 7 24 continuous all-weather work (work intensity is higher than desktop-class products, 5 8 hours worked), and can provide up to 120 million hours MTBF (MTBF), which greatly increased product life. Seagate Enterprise SATA hard drive also has a large capacity, high cost performance characteristics, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB hard drive industry has been monitoring the most common disk storage media.

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