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Modern Wallpaper For a Modern Room

There are many different colors, patterns, textures, brands and styles of wallpaper available today. Depending on a style of a home, certain wallpapers may enhance a room’s design while others simply do not fit into the room’s style at all. So it is always important to take a critical eye to wallpaper selections when remodeling a room. Some of the newer wallpapers have interesting finishes and textures, and they do not necessarily have to consume the entire decorating budget.

Wallpaper Pattern

You may think that patterned wallpapers have gone completely out of style, but that is not entirely true. Pattern on the walls can have a huge visual impact on a room’s design, and finding modern wallpaper designs to include in a contemporary room is not difficult at all. With all of the contemporary pattern options available, modern wallpaper offers variety from the newest trends to authentic retro designs, which can help a homeowner create any ambiance they wish when redecorating a room.

When selecting a pattern for wallpaper, consider what type of design would enhance the décor in the space. Wallpaper should not cause the walls to overpower the room, and they should not make the room feel disjointed or chaotic either. So when picking out a pattern, make sure that it complements the furnishings in the room rather than clashing with them. In short, the wallpaper design should support the design of the room, not the other way around.

Wallpaper Texture

Right now textured wallpaper is hot. Texture seems to fall in and out of favor with designers, and right now it is in. Adding texture to the walls gives a room a modern feel. Installing textured wallpaper can be a little tricky, so it might not be the best choice for a first attempt at hanging wallpaper. Textured wallpaper designs are generally a little more expensive than plain wallpaper, so make sure that the decorating budget can accommodate this additional expense before committing to texture on the walls.

In a contemporary room design, textured wallpaper can work really well to unify patterns and colors within the space, and it can be used to add polish to a modern space. In a room that is a little eclectic, textured wallpaper can create a harmonious synergy within the space, or it can be used as a transition connecting two spaces in an effortless flow of contemporary design.

Green Wallpaper

As with just about everything these days, “green” planet friendly wallpaper is very popular. Materials like bamboo and grass are sustainable, and they can be harvested to create wallpaper that is safe for people and the planet. Grass cloth has been around for years, and it is still a viable option when wishing to add a wall covering to the walls in a room.

One of the only problems with some of the wallpaper designs that are planet friendly is that they do not stick to the wall as well as regular wallpaper, so green wallpaper may not be the best wallpaper selection in spaces with active pets and children.

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