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Maserati Used Cars- A Review On The Quattroporte


Italians know a thing or two about great wines and awesome food. There is third thing they are very good at and that is making exotic sports cars. When you think of Italy, I always think of Lamborghinis and Ferraris driving around in mountainous roads. But when it comes to a four door sports sedan, nothing tops Maserati used cars like the Quattroporte. The Maserati Quattroporte is the flag ship of its sedan line and you really understand that once you have driven one.

Maserati Quattroporte used cars:

The Quattroporte was first brought to market in Canada in 2005; even though it looked so tempting to buy and drive, the automaker had some issues with the vehicle. The original 2005 Quattroporte used a 400-horsepower, V8, 4.2-litre Ferrari engine. There were issues with the rear mounted six-speed shifter and complaints that it shifted to ruff. So Maserati went back to the drawing board and changed the six-speed shifter to one that was bolted to the engine. It also changed the V8 from a dry sump to a wet sump an adding an optional active damper system to give it a better ride.

In 2009 Maserati decided to add an extra sedan to its line up. The Quattroporte GT S was born and is a faster version of the Quattroporte S; it added 12 more horsepower to the engine, giving it a total of 433 horsepower, with 361 pounds, per feet, of torque. It also added 20 inch rims to the vehicle, with bigger paddle shifters to change gears.

There are some different changes that were added to the GT S compared to the regular Quattroporte S. Instead of using the active damper system they decided to go with stiffer springs and lower the ride. Maserati used cars like the GT S also added a button which is placed on the dashboard and helps it to steer better when driving a little faster.

The interior for the GT S is outstanding; they have added the full Alcantara treatment to the doors, seats and steering wheel. It also uses the Bose sound system for its multi-media package. This sports sedan is everything you can imagine and more, it provides luxury and speed and there is no one in the world better at providing this than Italians.

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