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Make a Baby Photo T Shirt For a Gift

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by mrjyn

Every new parent is proud of their newborn baby and wants to immediately shout it to the rooftops and tell everyone they know that they are proud parents and have a new addition to their family. What better gift to give them then a way to communicate the news to everyone else around them just by wearing a t-shirt with a photo of their new baby.

Dad can wear his shirt on his pumped up chest and show off his new son or daughter to everyone at work thereby earning bragging rights with a photo to back up just how adorable his new baby looks. It should be an easy gift to make as the parents are only to eager to give  you a photo of their new addition to the family. Then you can take that photo and send it to a website that offers this very unique service of applying your photos to t-shirts. It is a relatively easy process and you should have a finished product in just a few days time.

This is a unique and inexpensive gift to give to the new parents and one that they will wear and cherish for a long time to come. They may even want to update their shirts as the baby gets older and maybe get a shirt after 6 months and then 1 year, etc.

You can also put text above and below the photo with sayings such as “My New Son” or My New Daughter”, or just say “Proud Parents”. Just about anything you want to say. Then you could have the baby’s name and date of birth  on the bottom of the photo.

This is a unique gift idea which I am sure no one else will think of to give to the new parents. It is one that they will talk about for a long time and wear and enjoy for years to come.

Sheryl Stawski is the owner and graphic artist of Flamingo Island Graphics whose website is at where you can go to create a heat press transfer T-shirt with personalized photos, graphic or text. You will also find many custom designs to choose from.

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