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Liquid wallpaper printing plate technology and process – wallpaper printing plate – screen printing industry, especially

Screen Print Printing plates are. Modern printing industry, the letterpress printing, gravure printing, offset printing and screen printing as the four printing. Graphic part of the printing ink leakage through the print to paper or other printed matter on. Screen printing is the printing industry of the widely used one. Widely used in Plastic , Paper, metal, rubber, glass, knitted fabric and other materials on the interior printing and dyeing, Electronic Equipment, printed circuit, advertising and other industries. Experts believe that screen printing can not print except air and water outside, in all material can be printed. Hailed with universal Printing . With the new technology, new materials, new technologies emerging, so that high-end screen printing trends. Screen printing both at home and abroad are very promising industry.

Photographic plate is used Sensitive adhesive Photochemical change. That is sensitive adhesive produced by the light part of the cross-linking, together with strong wire mesh, not light-sensitive portion of water to wash in wire-line part of the formation of transparent graphics, printing ink can pass through.

Process: Original production -> select network -> Stretching -> wash -> dry -> preparation of photoresist -> coating photoresist -> dryer burn out -> visualization -> ; absorbent drying -> Check Revised Edition -> double exposure -> Edge Printing

1, original production Original requests the better contrast that some of the more black the better graphics, no graphics part, the more transparent the better. Manuscript is divided into rubber, paper and paper sulfuric acid. Film is the best original papers, followed by sulfuric acid paper, these two are available to plate is issued. Draft of the manuscript paper negative with vegetable oils (peanut oil, soybean oil, etc.) coated again, so original and transparent, and then wipe off the excess vegetable oil-ready.

1, computer typing, photocopying draft (copiers can zoom), handwritten draft can be painted.

2, such as the original for the multi-color (color blocks), the original is divided into several color accordingly.

To ensure accurate registering the script can be set for each position of the cross on the line.

Second, the choice of mesh Screen is to produce Silk Screen One of the main materials. Photographic film is the image carrier, and photographic film, silk screen printing plate into a box together. The most common varieties of Nylon mesh (also known as nylon) and polyester (also called polyester) as the production of two screen version of the material. From the preparation method is divided into plain weave, semi-woven, all intertwined, plain weave screen thinnest, thickest intertwined. Generally, we use plain weave screen. Asked ink layer thick, we can use all spinning.

Nylon (cotton-lun) Mesh: has good elasticity and the ink through the performance; can withstand a degree of alkali solution; wear resistance and good resistance to pull of all. It is not acid-resistant, extended large, not for a large area of chromatic screen printing; by prolonged exposure to sunlight will affect the strength of brittle.

Polyester fibers: extension of less than nylon mesh, excellent dimensional stability, the system should chromatography plates; chemical resistance, wear resistance, tensile resistance is very good. It is the combination of performance and photographic materials as nylon mesh to surface rough treatment. The samples were slightly less than the nylon mesh. Prolonged exposure of sunlight intensity decreased slightly.

Mesh size used to describe the unit area of the mesh screen that contains the number of terms are wire mesh. Product specifications are domestic wire per unit length (cm) hole by a number of statements, both the head / cm. Imported products have to Imperial units of measurement expressed in both head / ln. The number shows the mesh of the density level, the higher the mesh, mesh more dense, smaller mesh.

In screen printing in a wide range of substrates and materials which have their own characteristics. Usually the choice of screen printing the material according to the accuracy of printed materials and to choose. Such as: posters, printed pieces of hard fiber, rough panel, coarse-grained surface of the foil, the purpose of the optional 200 mesh. Fine print illustrations, can be used 300 mesh screen above, plus network print monochrome, trademarks, dial 350 and other optional objective screen. Special fine print graphic, use the screen more than 420 projects. Generally the same type of wire mesh, the more precise the screen for the system. Textile Goods on; printed cotton cloth used 150 mesh ~ 200 mesh screen, Dacron 250 mesh ~ 300 mesh selection screen. Silk use 300? 350 head mesh. Foam printing generally 80 mesh ~ 150 mesh screen. Here, printing Paint Select about 120 mesh screen.

Attention to business innovation change process management to find new ideas?? Command of the 2010 special screen printing industry of China Development Forum

“Zhen Xing Cup” 2009 China Top Ten selection screen printing special awards ceremony

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