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Language Course Reviews – Review Languages For Beginners



At some point in out life most of us want to learn a second language. Wether it is so we can speak the local lingo on our holidays or for career purposes, learning a new language is very popular indeed and at some point most of us will explore learning a new language.

So where do you start if you’re a beginner? Well I went for a beginners course that was affordable to start with. I didn’t want to take the risk and spend hundreds of pounds on a course to find it was to hard to understand or I didn’t like it. Also if your not to confident you will see it through then you wouldn’t want to spend a large amount for it to just sit on the shelf.

I personally don’t think you can learn a new language by just reading a book. Yes you will learn how to write the new language but you surely need to speak it. How will you know how to say the words? I honestly believe you need to hear the words and pronunciation to fully understand a new language. Or even better combine the two methods of reading and listening to get a complete learning solution. But first I would concentrate on the learning the language verbally.

I went for the audio approach when it came to my decision to start a new language. As I stated above I wanted something not to expensive. There certainly are some providers out there that are quite costly. As good as I have now found these to be, I didn’t want to spend that much to start with. Its a lot of money to spend in one go and I was unsure if I would see it through or get bored of it. I wanted an affordable beginners course that was effective and easy to understand to begin with, then if all goes well and I want to learn more I can try the other companies out which I have done.

I would recommend starting of with Linguaphone. They were easy to deal with and i highly recommend the product I went for. The loaded MP4 player.. Lots of great features at a very good price.

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