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KODAK photo paper printing is good

KODAK photo paper printing is well established as a convenient and high quality method for the rendition of digitally stored text and photographs into hard copy output, on Inkjet photo paper or on other specialty substrates such as overhead transparency film or resin coated inkjet paper. In order to print satisfactorily on substrates such as plastics that are impervious to inkjet printer inks, an ink receptive layer is commonly coated onto the substrate. Two distinct types of ink receptive layer may be used for this purpose.

Stretchers and other types of portable cot structures are used in disaster and emergency situations to enable injured people to be removed with the minimum of jostling or sudden movement that might increase or aggravate the person’s injuries. Many such emergencies occur in or are caused by environments having toxic chemicals, flying debris, fumes, smoke, or other airborne materials that may cause further injury to the patient, aggravate the current injury, and/or make it difficult for the person to breathe.

A low cost automatic ice cube maker of simplified construction for use in the freezer compartment of a domestic refrigerator. The commercial ice maker includes a one-piece, molded plastic bail or sensing arm for monitoring the level of ice cubes in an underlying storage bin. The movable bail includes a fingerlike resilient projection extending radically from one of the end portions of the bail. The distal end of the projection engages a portion of the ice maker fixed in position relative to the movable bail wherein the resilient projection functions as a spring like member biasing the bail toward a lowermost position. The ice maker also includes a pivotally mounted ice tray that can be easily snapped out of its ice making position for removal and cleaning at a location outside the freezer compartment. An externally accessible mechanism for actuating a test switch of the internal control circuit of the ice maker is provided to facilitate servicing of the ice maker.

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