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Kodak Mini Camcorder Reviews 2010

Earlier this year we had seemingly every major manufacturer of HD camcorders introduce new models of camcorder to a hungry public.

Most of these camcorders seemed to concentrate on giving us 1080 resolution, face recognition, pre-record, and auto-everything, but at a price. For one of these babies you pay anywhere between $ 500 to $ 900, so the public demand was for cheaper models but with most of these features kept on board.

The major brand manufacturers seemed to have listened to what we were crying out for, and are now releasing pocket-sized waterproof mini camcorders, and they cannot make them fast enough.

The Kodak Mini Camcorder is just one of these new brand of mini pocket camcorder models, with great specifications such as easy uploading to the video hosting sites which seems to be the first requirement of these mini pocket camcorder models.

Don’t be fooled by it’s small size, similar to a credit card, and light weight. This Kodak Mini Camcorderpacks a few punches in such a tiny frame such as being waterproof down to 10 feet, good in low light such as indoors, one button start and a screen size of almost 2 inches.

Plenty of information is displayed on this screen, such as a red dot when recording, battery level, still or video mode, elapsed time and zoom level which is up to 3x. A wrist strap is included for security.

A microSD/SDHC card slot in the Kodak mini video camera allows up to 16GB of recording time which is 4 hours at VGA 30fps. Once the card is full, just replace with another card and keep on recording. (The battery lasts up to 85 minutes each charge).

Editing software is supplied with all Kodak mini video camera, so it’s easy to review your movies in camera or on the computer with cuts, trims and add effects. Mac user friendly too.

Reviews of the Kodak mini video cameraso far have been 5 star, with good reports from parents who have bought for their 12 year olds. At a selling price of about $ 70, this seems to me to be a no-brainer as a great Christmas present, so check out this mini pocket camcordernow before the prices rise because of seasonal demand.

Art Speck is an experienced Video Guy and Social Videographer having worked for 30 years in the business.

Being retired gives him time to enjoy his passion for video cameras and in particular high definition camcorders.

The year 2010 is Digital HD Camcorder Year, with every major manufacturer bringing out new, low cost HD camcorders with an enormous amount of new technology which may be difficult understand, so it will be wise to read lots of articles like this one to explain the choices between features, brands, formats and all the other terms.

There is no one better to learn all about HD camcorders than from someone with a wealth of experience in the business such as Art Speck.

His Website specializes only in camcorders, over 165 in all, giving a full review of every HD Camcorder available in 2010, in plain, simple to understand language, from Pocket Cams, Family Camcorders, Consumer Camcorders, Prosumer Camcorders and Professional camcorders.

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