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Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh


New car smell is one of the best scents out there; nothing beats getting in the car and breathing in fresh, clean smelling air. Unfortunately, this scent is difficult to maintain and, eventually, the new car smell will fade away, replaced by the scent of whatever it is you tow around day in and day out. Because of this, it is super important to maintain a clean car if you want it to smell fresh.

As a rite of passage, getting your own car is a symbol of your freedom, of your responsibility, and of your ability to do whatever you want with it. While this may sound trite, it is true; no more following the rules in Mom and Dad’s car, you have your own and you make the rules now. As liberating as that may be, it is important to remember that some of Mom and Dad’s rules may have actually served a purpose. The no eating in the car rule, for example. When trying to keep your car smelling fresh, the last thing you want to do is bring food into it. While eating in the car may be convenient, every french fry you drop and bit of soda you spill will leave a lasting impression, especially on your nose. Traces of food that fall under seats and become lodged in various places will quickly start to smell up your car, and not with a wonderful aroma.

Even if you abstain from eating in the car, the new car smell will eventually fade. When this happens, it is important that you choose a replacement scent to keep your vehicle smelling clean. Air fresheners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. When choosing an air freshener for your car, the most important thing to remember is that whatever smell you choose will be concentrated into a small space; therefore, do not choose anything sickeningly sweet or overpoweringly strong, as they are sure to be overwhelming and make riders uncomfortable. A mild, fresh, and light scent works best.

Air fresheners will cover scents in your car, but the most important aspect of maintaining a great smelling car is to clean it. When you clean you remove the sources of foul odors instead of simply covering them up. If you maintain your car pretty well, a deep clean once a month should be enough to keep unwanted smells at bay. This deep clean is especially important if you have children or pets, as they may tend to hide food or other objects between the seats.

Pet odor can be particularly difficult to get out of your car, especially if you drive your pets around often. A great fabric freshener will work wonders after Rex and Daisy have gone for a ride.

When trying to keep your car smelling clean and fresh, the best method is to keep your vehicle clean. A clean car will be much easier to maintain and will be less likely to hide odor-releasing surprises. After a deep clean, air and fabric fresheners will also help keep foul odors and bay. Maintaining a great smelling car will keep your vehicle feeling newer longer and will allow you to enjoy the time you spend on the road.

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