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Is Your Car Reliable?


At a time when added costs hit us hard, we want to make sure our cars are reliable. A recent survey completed has shown the chance of certain types of cars breaking down. Out of the top six, 5 are Japanese cars with Honda topping the charts with only a 10% chance of breaking down and Mazda second on the list with 13.03% chance of a breakdown.

The list is also good reading for the UK industry as there are 3 companies that have production plants in England. Honda has its plant in Swindon, Toyota (third on the list) has a plant in Derby and Nissan (sixth) has one in Sunderland.

The cost of repairs on our cars can soon add up and this can take its toll on our finances as some repairs can be very costly on top of the usual running of a car which continues to rise as petrol prices creep back up again.

The research also compiled a list of the cheapest cars to repair and Honda was ninth on this list so it was a good result for the Japanese company overall. Skoda came top of the list for cheapest repair costs with an average of £215.94 whilst Citroen were second and Renault third, Peugeot fourth and Ford in fifth. These are important figures for drivers during a time when we are all trying to save some money.

You may be thinking of buying a new car or having to trade one in, if you are going to be getting a new car then having a look at the results from the research is a great idea. They show you what cars are going to be reliable and should they breakdown how much they are going to cost you to get it back on the road and running perfectly again.

Have a look at the list and see where your car fits in, especially if you are in the process of buying a new car. We all want to save some extra cash and when comes to our cars, having a reliable one will ensure we save time and money. The cost of repairing a car is on the rise as are most things in today’s climate so where possible make sure you get the best deals around.

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