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Impressive Weekly News in Pictures: Jan 3 to Jan 9


Every week passing out leaves the most memorial and interesting news of the day-by-day changing world. The first week of 2011 is flooded with momentous news from all corners of the world. In London, people witness the largest burlesque dance ever led by dancer Kimberley Dunne. The partial lunar eclipse occurs on January 4 and can be visible in Europe, parts of Africa and Asia. Remarkably, history-making flood in decades leaves Rockhampton city, Queensland state, Australia reeling. Floodwater from a swollen river and relentless rains stops all economic activities, causes poisonous snakes spread, cuts air, road and railway linked to the coastal city Rockhampton. Let’s review the breaking news of the week through the following images.


In the picture, an island is formed by flood water in the coastal city Rockhampton. The water reaches it peak on Wednesday, Jan 5, 2011.


Terje Isungset, the most innovative percussionist in Europe, is seen testing a pure glacier ice musical instrument for his concerts in London. His Ice Music show will be held at Somerset House in London from January 7 to January 9, 2011.


The first partial solar eclipse of the year 2011 is seen in Marko, shothwest of Budapest, Hungary on January 4. The partial solar eclipse is visible in most parts of Europe as well as northeastern Asia.


An old woman holds a candle and watches the talent contest held at “Katarsis” – charity house in Tbilisi, Georgia on January 5. The contest is held annually before Orthodox Christmas.


Participants take part in the icefall climbing in the frozen waterfalls of Immortal Valley Park in Beijing, China. The pretty ice formation is a giant rock in summer


On the annual Christmas military parade in Madrid, a member of Spanish Royal Guard falls asleep on his feet while waiting for the start of the parade.


A Ukrainian man is captured walking on the frozen Dnieper River in Kiev on January 3. Last Monday, the temperature in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine dropped into -2 C (28 F)




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