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HP Photosmart 7550 Review

Like fine wines, a few printers improve with age. When the HP Photosmart 7550 came out we awarded it decent, although not stellar, marks. Even though its output was good, we at first anticipated better from a photo inkjet for price. Nonetheless, the Photosmart 7550 seems to have stood the test of time well, and its print quality with all of the varieties of output – pictures, text, as well as graphics – rivals even the latest generation of photo inkjets at comparable prices.

Outwardly, the 7550 manages to actually look both cool and also space age. It’s made just like a brick house, however at 15.2 by 6.5 by 20.2 inches, this compact unit won’t hog the table room. The paper tray is nonretractable, however even that won’t add many further inches to the printer’s waistline.

The CD includes drivers for Windows 98, 2000, Me, and also XP, as well as Mac OS 9.x, X, as well as 10.1. Furthermore, you get photo and imaging software for Windows. Even though the 7550 fully supports the USB 2.0 interface, HP’s bundle contains no USB cable.

This specific unit takes an interesting approach to ink cartridges. While traditional ink printers work with a CMYK cartridge system, the 7550 incorporates three specific cartridges: Black, Regular Colour, and Photo Colour. Notice that there are actually three print slots in which you insert the black and colour cartridges. The photo cartridge, which has nozzles made for much finer firing, takes over when you wish to print high-resolution pictures.

You’ll want to employ the photo colour cartridge only whenever you are printing a colour photo, usually by means of the Print dialog box. Based on your own printing practices, you may be equipped to replace a part of your ink a bit less frequently. For example, if you primarily print pictures, you will probably replenish the photo colour cartridge more often in comparison to the others. Less cartridge changes equate to less cash outflow, even though the 7550 negates any kind of cost savings by making use of more ink than most other printers.

In addition to printing pictures on your Pc, the 7550 prints straight from digital camera media, including CompactFlash Type I and II, SmartMedia, Secure Digital, Sony Memory Stick, as well as MultiMedia cards. In addition, the 7550 contains a built-in 1-inch (diagonal) Lcd, which lets you preview, zoom, and crop images meant for printing without accessing software on your computer.

In speed assessments, the 7550 created inkjet text at 3.83 pages per minute (ppm), significantly less fast than the output of normal inkjets. Printing one 8×10-inch picture required 5.3 minutes.

For a photo inkjet, on the other hand, middle-of-the-road rates of speed tend to be much less crucial than the output quality, and the 7550’s output virtually cancelled out the average print speeds compared to those of many other photo printers. Despite the fact the 7550’s image was a bit dark, it looked razor-sharp and also precise. The colours especially skin tones, came out precise, sleek, and nicely mixed.

The 7550’s text output using the HP Photosmart 7550 ink cartridges looked well-defined on both plain and also coated papers, although depth tended to completely disappear at tiny font sizes. Plain-paper images appeared fantastic on first look, however closer examination revealed a few pixelation glitches. For instance, we were able to view the pixels employed to give a metallic image. Luckily, the 7550’s pixel issue is not noticeable enough in order to cause alarm. Actually, when compared to the text and graphics output among photo printers which we have examined recently the HP’s printouts appear absolutely excellent.

On the flipside, the HP Photosmart 7550 might end up costing you a bit more compared to comparable machines, as a result of its vast ink use. The Photosmart 7550 is nonetheless a fantastic choice for grade-A photographs and B+ text and graphics…if you are definitely not in a hurry.

HP Photosmart 7550 ink cartridges are to be found here.

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