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How To Produce Brilliant Quality Videos With The Flip Video Camcorder

Having a Flip Video camcorder is a perfect companion to have around. But like many electronic gadgets it does take a little time to learn to use the camcorder right so that it will give you exceptional results. Remember these are small camcorders and will multiply any type of mistakes you produce in the quality of the video. Don’t let me frighten you away. Just follow some few painless steps and you will be on your way to recording some terrific home pictures.

Camera wiggle can turn into a problem. Fortunately, the Flip Video camcorders now all feature image stabilization so that will lessen any hand shake the camcorder may pick up. But it does pay to learn to keep a level hand when holding the flip camcorder as well as learning to pan smoothly. It does take a little practice to keep your recordings steady since the camcorder is small but these small camcorders do take great videos.

Learn to hold a shot longer. This is important especially when your subject is in conversation or talking to the camcorder. Do not switch angles or utilize the zoom too much. You don’t want to get your viewer sick by an enormous amount of moving, zooming, tilting etc. Maintain the shot on one setting as long as you can at first. When you become comfortable with what you are practicing then if you wish to become artsy and film MTV style by all means do it.

Don’t use the zoom to much especially if it is a digital zoom like in Flip camcorders. The more you zoom the less likely the scene will look steady. Though the image stabilization will help, your shots will be a little more shaky from hand motion at longer zoom ranges. Also digital zooms tend to have a worse time staying in focus at the long end of the zoom. The lens will focus in and out a little, always searching for the focus at a longer zoom setting. Wide settings are normally not a problem. It is advisable to move in closer instead of zooming in. If you need to get larger, keep your hand steady and walk slowly towards your subject. This is the same thing as zooming except the quality will be a good deal better.

The more you practice with your Flip Video camcorder the better you will get. Produce videos and download them to your computer. Put them through the Flip editing software or if you want purchase a more comprehensive software package if you want to really get fancy. Initially, the Flip Video editing software is more then enough for most family video recordings. And both the Mac and Windows come with their own easy to use video editing software that can work wonders on videos. So, there is really no need to buy any other software.

The important part is just practice, practice, practice. You will be amazed as to what you can do with the little Flip Video camcorder. It takes awesome video and it is much better then using a cell phone video feature. And the Flip Video camcorder is the same size as most pda type cell phones but will take a lot more useful video.

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