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How To Organize Your Photos

Every digital camera owner knows how easy it is to take lots of photos. Its also really easy to upload the images to your computer. But there is one thing that is not nearly that easy sorting through your photos.

If you like taking lots of pictures, then you know how sorting through your photos can turn into a nightmare. The more shots you have, the more time you need to find the best images and delete the ones you dont want to keep. Say you have 2,000 holiday photos and all you want to keep is 200. Thats a lot of work. Add to that all the duplicate photos in your Unsorted folder and you can be stuck for hours, if not days. Thats why you need to get rid of all duplicate images before you start doing anything else.

Most users accumulate duplicate photos because of two things multiple photo uploads from the camera and resizing. Are you sure you havent uploaded some photos twice, or maybe several times when you connect your camera? And those photos youve resized for Facebook and Flikr are they still there along with the originals? And last, but not least do you need all those duplicates? Probably not.

Bad lighting and exposure problems, camera shake and digital noise can spoil your photos. When you encounter difficult shooting conditions, you usually take a number of pictures with slightly different settings, so that you can select the best shot later on. Selecting the best picture out of a few duplicates is relatively easy, but what if you have hundreds of duplicate shots? Your friends won’t be overly impressed by a series of dark shot and blurry shots before they see the perfect one.

Fortunately, there are programs that can help you delete duplicate photos. These programs can make sorting through your photos a lot easier, because they will find all duplicates for you in just a few clicks.

Duplicate Photo Finder is one of the most popular utilities to remove duplicate photos. Designed for fast detection of duplicate and similar photos, it uses an advanced algorithm that allows it to compare the pictures just like a human would. It evaluates the quality of the photos based on image content and not the properties of the file. This way the program immediately detects resized and renamed duplicates, as well as similar shots of different quality. The softwares intuitive interface makes it really easy to compare the images it has detected and to delete the ones you dont need.

Dont wait until your photo collection become unmanageable and organize your photos with the help of duplicate photo finding software.

Learn more about organizing your photos here.

Liz Cornwell is a freelance writer who focuses on computers and technology. She enjoys travelling, photography, and BBC crime drama.

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