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How to Hang Wall Art and Photos Professionally

Using wall art and photos to dress up your décor is an excellent idea. They bring beauty and personality to any home but to get the most from your wall art, it needs to be hung professionally. To do this you need to start with the right tools.

Tools needed:

Hand drill
Wall hangers
Measuring tape

Theses tool will make it easier for you to place the art or photo onto the wall both securely and level. Nothing looks worse than poorly hung art.

Remember the rules of hanging wall art and photos:

The center of the wall art should be eye-level with the average height person.
Group pictures together when appropriate.
Match the size of the art to the size of the wall.
Use horizontal and vertical lines to your advantage.
When placing art above furniture it should not be longer than the furniture is wide.

The next step is to select where you want to place the wall art or photos in the room and check to make sure the color of the art does not clash with the rest of your décor. Now you need to measure the wall for its height, width and length to determine the correct place to position the art.

Also take the size of your furnishings and the size of the wall into account before hanging art or photos. For instances, place the larger pieces of art on the larger wall space and above the largest pieces of furniture, unless you use two or three pieces grouped together. When grouping things together it is usually recommended that you do so in groups of odd numbers instead of even numbers. This just simply seems to have the best overall effect.

You are now ready to measure where your art or photos should go on the wall and mark this spot with a pencil. Make sure the pieces are secured to the wall so you will not have to worry about them falling and you have now successfully hung wall art and photos like a professional.

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