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How To Care Your Car When Drive


Although car prices drop dramatically in recent years, buying a car still cost us huge. We could care our car as best as possible with the help of practical car electronics and accessories like tire pressure gauge, anti-static gadgets, vacuum cleaner, etc. However, many of us only focus on caring before or after car use. We neglect the maintenance while driving. Driving with care every day gives us long run benefits.

* It is not wise to warm the engine by letting it idle on the road. As the engine doesn’t operate at its peak temperature, it is easy to cause the car to have incomplete fuel combustion, oil contamination, soot deposits on cylinder walls, and other damages.

* When meeting red lights, shift to neutral in order to reduce strain on the engine and automatic transmission.

* Avoid race the engine during boot up, especially when the outside temperature is too low. If not, your engine will wear easily.

* Speed up slowly while you start driving. Abrupt acceleration incurs wear and tear to the engine and drive train.

* Drive slowly and avoid accelerating quickly when the outside temperature is very hot or too cold.

* When turning, dont hold your steering wheel in an extreme right or left position for more than eight seconds. It easily causes damage to the power-steering pump.

* Avoid follow up another car in a too close distance.

* Improve your driving skills all the time.

* Don’t turn, stop or start your car too fast.

* Comply with posted speed limits.

* Drive on a smooth road. Avoid potholes and objects as many as possible.

* Notice the curbs when parking. Don’t hit or run over them.

Our car will return us rewards which allow us not to repair our car at longer intervals. More care we spend on our driving, more time our car would serve us, and more money we will save.

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