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Honda CR-Z Fleet Car Review-An Unbiased, Informative Review


The Honda CR-Z is the world’s first hybrid sports car. It should be able to reach 62mph in 9.7 seconds and is predicted to cost £17,000 to £22,179 in the UK.

Classed by Andrew English motoring columnist for the Telegraph newspaper, as “the hybrid that’s supposed to put the fun into environmentally conscious motoring.” However he goes onto say not to believe the hype but also that it is a likeable little car.

Driving the Honda CR-Z
The Honda CR-Z is a low-slung coupé with a distinctive design and even though it is a hybrid it does feel sporty. It comes only with a manual gearbox, showing us that the target market is those who really like to drive.

It has an Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) which means that the engine acts like a turbo with the electric motor boosting the 1.5 litre petrol engine, resulting in a combined output of 122bhp.

When you drive the CR-Z outside the city, the drive is comfortable, confident and agile for a hybrid. The brake system is controlled by software modulating regeneration and friction braking. What this means in layman’s language is that it is a better braking system than in other hybrids.

There are also three different driving positions; Sport, Normal and Econ. With the Sport you can increase steering weight, the Econ has a softer acceleration and steering and with Normal you are somewhere between the other two.

The UK range of Honda CR-Zs has three different trim levels on offer, ranging from £17,000 rising £22,179.

Honda CR-Z as a fleet car
The Honda CR-Z has a combined economy of 56.5mpg and CO2 emissions of 117g/km which means in reality that it falls behind the Toyota Prius which manages 72.4mpg and 89g/km.

Having said that the CR-Z will appeal to the fashion conscious, it is a car for the iPad generation, so in terms of fleet it may be desirable to certain fleet drivers whose image may be important.

Passengers and Luggage
The Honda CR-Z has a 2+2 layout, which means that it can carry smaller adults for short distances or children on longer journeys in the back. There is 225 litres of luggage space but the rear seats can be flattened to increase capacity, in an easy one-touch motion.

Security and Safety
It is rated one of Europe’s safest cars, after independent crash test results from Euro NCAP.
More on the safety features of the Honda CR-Z.

Honda CR-Z at a Glance
– The world’s first 6-speed manual hybrid car
– Agile and responsive handling
– Sporty and aerodynamic, 2+2 coupe form
– 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine coupled to Honda IMA hybrid system
– Emissions of 117 g/km and fuel economy of 56.5mpg
– Unique 3-Mode Drive System
– Luggage space 225 litres
– Road Tax Exempt
– Stop-Start Technology
– Congestion Charge Exempt

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