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Honda Civic gas mileage must be really good! Most top ten automobile rankings based on fuel efficiency have put this model on their lists, with majority of them ranking the Civic as the best car in terms of fuel economy. Why is that? What has this model got that others don’t? Let’s find out.

Honda civic gas mileage has been touted as the best in the current market. The 2008 hybrid model in particular has received rave reviews for its fuel efficiency. It records a combined EPA mileage rating of 42 mpg – 45 mpg highway mileage and 40 mpg city mileage. A number of individuals who have driven the car even claimed that it can go to as high as 60 mpg, depending on the skill of the driver and the driving techniques used.

The hybrid features a 1.3 L, 93 horsepower engine with a 2 speed CVT and overdrive capabilities. Aside from its gas mileage, the hybrid has also received high ratings for its sound system and safety features. From airbags to halogen headlights to ignitor unit or ignition disable feature, the hybrid can be said to be complete.

Some car experts have suggested that the fuel efficiency performance of the Civic can be further improved by careful maneuvering. The automobile does not have the ability to launch in all electric mode which actually helps the driver save gas in stop and go road situations. Owners of the hybrid and other 2008 Honda Civic models have claimed that the best performance of the car will occur after its break-in period, normally after six months of regular use. During this time, the Civic has been reported to produce superb highway mileage and a 10 to 15 percent increase in fuel efficiency.

Those who have tested the Civic have warned, though, that the first five to ten minutes of driving will not provide a sterling mileage performance. However, owners and drivers of the vehicle should not feel discouraged because once it has gathered enough time to warm up, the car will produce the mileage performance for which it has been praised.

The Honda brand has received numerous awards and citations throughout the years, and its hybrid and 2008 Civic models continue to prove that the name Honda is parallel to high quality automobiles. The Civic has been built for safety and quality and is offered at around $ 22,000; a price worth every penny considering its fuel economy, safety features and design.

The Honda Civic gas mileage performance has made its mark in the automobile market mired in skyrocketing fuel prices and environmental problems. Because of its fuel efficiency and environmental-friendly features, the Civic has become a popular choice among automobile experts and consumers.

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