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Guide To Exciting Wallpaper Borders That Will Transform Any Room

Without spending a lot of cash or putting out much effort, you can give any room within the home a completely fresh look. Whether you want to create a “feel” or craft a motif, borders can transform any room in mere minutes. You can find wallpaper border in pre-pasted rolls or sheets that are fifteen-foot long and in various widths that range from six inches to ten inches. Many people implement wallpaper border as a completing element when hanging regular wallpaper, but you can also hang border on its own over painted walls and combine it with metal wall sculpture.

Preparation Hanging wallpaper border is not difficult. You will need a work table, wallpaper roller or wet sponge, measuring tape, and a large tub to soak pre-pasted wallpaper border. Unless you buy wallpaper border that is pre-pasted, you will also need to buy wallpaper paste. Some people also like to use wallpaper paste on pre-pasted wallpaper border, especially if you are applying the wallpaper border over vinyl wallpaper, because it provides a firmer hold. Generally, the adhesive that is found on the pre-pasted border is sufficient enough to hold the border to most wall surfaces. You want to make sure that the wall where the border will be hung is clean and free from dirt, debris, and grease. Fill in any nail holes with wood putty, allow the surface to dry, and sand away any imperfections that might cause a bumpy appearance in the border. The surface must be smooth for the border to adhere properly.

Hanging the Border Measure the area where the border will be hung. Fill a tub with lukewarm water. Cut the length of border that is required for the first wall, based on your measurements, and then start soaking it in the tub. As you “feed” the length into the warm water, it will fold up; this is okay – it is wet and slippery and will not stick together permanently. Permit the border to soak in the lukewarm water for a few minutes before attempting to position it on your wall. This allows the paper to expand a bit and gives the adhesive time to be activated. Next, place the border on the wall, and use a wet sponge or cloth to smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles. Many people take the wet border and roll it up in the water after soaking. This can make it easier to work with as you work around the top area of the room.

Using Border Creatively The use of wallpaper border is not simply limited to the top of the room near the ceiling. You may also consider running wallpaper border around the base of the room, right above the baseboards, or around painted metal wall art. This will work to add height to your room by making the top of the room look more open. You can also use wallpaper border near the center of your wall, just as you would with wainscoting or you can achieve the look of wainscoting by using lighter paint at the top of the wall, darker paint at the bottom, and a wallpaper border in the middle.

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