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Golf Carts That Can Be Used In Streets- News


Street legal golf carts may be anything from just custom made golf cars to specific purpose electric cars. They not only cost less than conventional cars, but also are eco-friendly and they won’t need any fuel. Places like retirement communities, holiday resorts, camp sites, and of course golf courses use street legal golf carts for commuting. Different types of electric carts may be searched for finding the right one for you.

To find out the cart suiting your needs, just prepare a list of five qualities that you require the most, sorted according to your preference. Battery range is a very important parameter to be sought for. For example, the ‘Kurrent’ brand carts, introduced by The American Electric Vehicle Company can go as far as 40 miles on a single charge. Battery recharge time is another factor that should also be checked carefully. For quick and short commutes, a vehicle which does not need to be plugged to charge regularly would be appropriate. Carts by ‘Zenn Motor Company’ can do eight hours in a full battery. Comparing it with Kurrent, which takes only six hours, 80% of the charge can be done in half that time. It will cost about $ 7000 to get a top notch, solar-powered, street-legal cart. But to modify a regular electric cart with a solar panel, it costs only about $ 1,500.

Decide on the price range and follow it. This is a strong factor in selecting a street-legal cart. After deciding the budget, costly ones must be avoided first. A price between $ 7,295 and $ 8,995 will be appropriate for a street-legal golf cart. But in the case of special purpose electric carts, the price range is from about $ 9,800 to $ 25,000 for a luxury model.

Next, check the next three qualities you are looking for and eliminate the ones not having them. Also consider the legal limitations for using it as a local transport in the neighborhood.

The other carts may be sorted in order of how suitable they are. Carts with batteries lasing longer should be given more consideration. Lower charging time and adequate interior space should also be sought for.

Other factors like roll cages, air conditioning and trunk space too can also be checked. Looking at these may help you in narrowing on a product in case a final decision is difficult.

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