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Fast Profit Page Review


Fast Profit Pages claims to teach the unemployed, opportunity seeker how to make their first dollar on-line even if you never have before. It’s essentially a “business-in-a-box” type deal where you get 20 sites complete with products and sales copy a step-by-step plan of action to generate targeted traffic to your new sites.

The story has it that Tom Bell Shawn Casey developed this product first to help a single mom from Jacksonville, FL that has always been just scraping by to make ends meet. they claim you only need three things to make money online:

1. A Website

2. Visitors

3. Products

While these three things may seem obvious to some, you’d be surprised how many like to over-complicate the process of making money on-line or even offline. However, even thought it is a simple equation, it still requires a lot of hard work and “know how” to create your own website, create your own products and then figure out how to generate targeted traffic all on your own!

Fast Profit Pages claims to take most of the hard work out of the equation by:

1. Creating a professional website complete with content, video, the whole 9-yards!

2. Providing a blueprint for generating targeted visitors to your website

3. Selecting products that are proven to sell like cakes.

They want to make this as turnkey as possible, so that you don’t even have to sell, or handle customer service! All they say you have to do is generate visitors to your sites which they teach you how to do supposedly.

What’s going to really make or break Fast Profit Page, and determine whether or not it is worth the money ($ 97.00), is the quality of the 20 products packaged inside, ready for you to sell. As well as the sales letter for each product.

If the products are of poor quality then you won’t be able to effectively build a relationship with your customers, which means you’ll always be on the hunt for new customers. Since it’s generally easier to sell to existing customers than somebody who has never purchased from you, it’s important to really over-deliver on value with every product you sell and recommend. By doing this, you can more effectively build relationships with your customers.

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