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Facts About Warranty in Electric Golf Carts: Some News


The main flaw with electric golf trolleys is the high possibility of a break down. These carts can work in any kind of environment, weather and terrain. They are very rugged machines that can handle rough use. But these carts are rarely cleaned and serviced! Many carts are left in damp places like car boot or cold garages, and they are rarely oiled and adjusted. The mud and dirt on it is almost never washed off them.

A company’s duration of Warranty coverage is a measure of the reliability and long lasting of the golf cart. They will have to pay for servicing the cart occasionally. But in performing Warranty service will increase their expense of repairing to a larger extent. So a golf cart with a long Warranty coverage should be of high quality to prevent repairs. These carts will not only be reliable, but also gives you a confidence that the repair expense is covered in case something goes wrong. If some parts like the electronic controller or motor/gearbox is in trouble, you will have to pay about £100 to replace. So if this is covered, the saving can be great.

The Warranty terms and conditions should be checked carefully. There are some phrases like ‘Manufacturers Warranty’. These should be looked out for. In such cases, the cart must be submitted to the company for repair. Can you just take the trolley easily to the Far East? Another phrase to pay close attention is ‘return to base’ Warranties. This requires you to pay all charges to get the cart back for repair and this amount may be higher than repair charge! All reputable companies might have local workshops or they may collect and repair the cart under their expense. The small facts should be taken note of carefully!

For a golf trolley to be repaired, the main requirement is its spare parts. Firstly, the company’s website should be checked for the availability of the spares. There will be statements like ‘full stock of spare parts’ in the adverts. You should not accept them, because if you do, you will get a sudden surprise when you come to know that spares will be ‘out of stock’ just when the need arrives!


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