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You live on a little piece of Canada’s most desirable real estate, and in the shadows of majestic mountains the worlds’ greatest skiers count among their favorite destinations. Moviemakers love your city’s scenic views, and tourists from all around the world appreciate the city’s cosmopolitan-but-casual culture. Still, if you have no friends with whom to share all of Vancouver’s amazing attractions and recreational wonderland you might as well be living in Kansas. Let Events and Adventures reintroduce you to Vancouver’s myriad amusements as you meet the area’s most eligible singles.

The Events and Activities calendar for January gives the most discerning singles a strong indication why E&A is North America’s fastest growing singles’ club. Consider some of these activities as reasons why you should consider joining

Ever since the Olympics gave an up-close look at curling, you have wanted to try it; now, Events and Adventures provides your opportunity to slide the stone across the frozen pond. Ever since you learned Bristol Palin can dance among the stars, you have wanted to dance. In January, Events and Adventures hosts its ballroom dance social, and the calendar includes an evening of fine Portuguese dining and dancing.

For fun and frolic in the snow, join Events and Adventures for snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or just a simple winter stroll. Events and Adventures also invite its bravest or craziest members to take an icy plunge in its annual Polar Bear Swim, which includes a warm, delicious brunch. Whether you stay well within your comfort zone, or attempt something entirely new, you have Events and Adventures’ assurance of a good time with great people.

Every month, Vancouver Events and Adventures hosts a casual meet-and-greet just for new members, so that you have opportunities to develop a few friendships before you jump into big activities; and most activities allow you to bring a friend if you wish. Visit Events and Adventure’s website for more information, or call 800-386-0866 to join Events and Adventures today.

Singles are discovering a new way to meet people with a membership in America’s fastest growing singles club. Events & Adventures offers unique events and activities designed for singles to meet up while experiencing new adventures. Events & Adventures has hosted nearly 10,000 exciting events for thousands of singles over just a few years! Events and Adventures has offices in major cities across the US and now in Vancouver BC.
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