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Ergonomic Keyboards and Mice Receive Rave Reviews


These days with more and more people are discovering the benefits of ergonomics. Offices are implementing ergonomic furniture for more comfort and productivity. Everything from an ergonomic chair to an ergonomic mouse and keyboard, will help decrease back, arm and wrist aches.  

The innovative, ingenious Switch Mouse has users asking, “why hasn’t anyone thought of this sooner?”.  This peripheral is essentially a larger than average mouse with a unique plastic tab that connects to the bottom of the unit. The tab tilts the mouse to one side, providing an extremely comfortable position for your hand and wrist.

The best part though is that the tab can be rotated 180 degrees, letting both lefties and righties enjoy this cool ergonomic mouse equally. After using it for only a few days, users noticed a pronounced improvement in how their wrists and fingers felt. Instead of a scroll wheel, there is a four way directional pad that has an ambiguous feel.

The plain, boring black on white color scheme is hardly befitting a gadget of such sound ergonomic engineering. Still, when you’re on the computer for hours at a time, a mouse like this saves a lot of headache. Not to mention wrist ache.

ErgoSecure SC2.0 has integrated smart card technology for positive verification of user identity. This ergonomic keyboard combines a proven design with a high level of access and communication. Making your transactions even more secure. The patented, segmented Goldtouch keyboard is the most advanced device of its kind.

Simple adjustments allow users to change the configuration both horizontally and vertically, reducing discomfort. The user friendly security solution is easy to use, easy to implement and provides  you with two levels of protection. A PIN or Password that only you know and a Smart Card.

This technology is compliant with many crucial existing and emerging banking standards and supports a wide range of e-commerce authentication, and network security based applications. This ergonomic keyboard comes with multimedia keys and two USB ports.

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