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The Penn West Energy Trust, one of the largest natural gas and oil manufacturing company based in Calgary has joined hands with the Mitsubishi Corp, the joint venture aimed to increase its assets in the North Eastern parts of British Columbia in Canada. The Penn West Energy Trust recent made a declaration about their future plan is to concentrate on the shale gas properties in the Cordova Embayment region and the well established gas assets sited in the region of the Wildboy.

The lions share in this joint venture was acquired by the Mitsubishi Corp. which includes around 50 percent interest and includes natural gas wells which yield 30 million cubic feet of natural gas each day. Besides this the Mitsubishi Corp. also received 120,000 acres of shale gas yielding land in the Cordova Embayment region and around half of the Wildboy stock is provided to Mitsubishi Corp. The Penn West Energy Trust welcomed around $ 250 million in the initial phase and the Penn West Energy Trust declared the Mitsubishi Corp. is ready to give $ 600 million as the capital for the initial enhancement and the stock of the Penn West Energy Trust raised around two percent to $ 19.13 in the recent share market.

Steven Chu the United States, Secretary for energy in a conference recently held declared that, a group is deployed for performing examination and to produce facts on the high quality ethanol, this can be used as the gasoline for the motorized vehicles. Steven Chu mentioned a special crew The Department of Energy is under analysis of the fuel containing ethanol around 15 percent and it is known as E15, and this fuel can used in the engines of the car and they are ready to produce their research reports to the Environmental Protection Agency. Previously the Steven Chu team has failed to produce its reports to the Environmental Protection Agency, but now it is ready to launch it reports and if it is approved the domestic ethanol industries will be regained from their recent financial downfall.

The Silicon Valley electric car infrastructure company is combing with the General Electric to produce a better place in the technological world and they are focusing on the development of the car batteries and the electric vehicle charger named as WattStation, and this WattStation will be ameliorating the social networks place. They are focusing to construct charging stations which are globally linked and this venture will start in Israel and then it will be followed to Denmark, because large numbers of competitors are vying to embark on a many ranges of electrical and plug-in which can be used in the modern vehicles.

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