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You deserve nothing but the very best electric razors for optimum shaving performance. Unleash the hair-free and flawless new you with these top rated very best electric razors out there in the market. Cheers for sustainable shaving technique with your highly recommended solutions. Here are some of these garnering eminent customer ratings.

Braun Series 3 390-cc

Introducing this leading Braun foil electric razor well-known for comfy shaving among other premier ranked best electric shavers. Utilizing the Braun Series 3 shaving system, it provides smooth shaving assured with zero hassle. In furtherance of the devotion for performance efficiency, it takes pride of the triple action floating system eliminating long and short hair roots, alike. Other impressive product highlights include smart foil design (smart hair trimming), self-cleansing ability (clean and renew system), chargeable battery (60 minutes rapid charge and five-minute rapid charge), and water-resistant shaving head (cleanable razor).

Panasonic ES8249S Arc IV

Indulge into the incredible shave offered by Panasonic high performance best electric razors completely with ES8249S. Impressed along with multi-nanotech blades together with an arc foil, uniform shaving each stroke along with increased area coverage is obviously achieved. Pivoting heads (moving up-down and back-forth) carry out an adaptable shave grazing closely and smoothly on any facial contour. Counter directional blades incorporated on the three independently floating heads offer optimum cutting technology. Additional shaving properties are comprised of hydraclean system (self-cleaning), LCD monitor (battery level display), and chargeable battery (one-hour fast charge and five-minute quick charge).

Philips Norelco Senso Touch 2D

Extra close and comfy shaving is made attainable with the Senso Touch 2D as the last addition on Philip Norelco first rate best electric razors collection. Senso touch technology gives out close and thorough shaving without the discomfort which commonly comes along the process. Gyroflex program in 2D allows two-dimensional shaving technique while adjusting on facial curves for suave surface coverage. And, the skin glide feature helps achieve close, convenient, and safe shaving. Shaving mechanism also includes aquatec seal (for shaving with or without cream), chargeable battery (14-shave capacity), and additional product bonus (protective cap and pouch).

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