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Edit Kodak Video with the best Kodak video editor and converter

How to edit Kodak video
Many Kodak video camera users are seeking the right Kodak video editors. If you want to edit Kodak video in a professional way, you may want to choose Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas Pro. If you just want to make easy Kodak video editing to your Kodak video, Doremisoft Kodak Video Converter will be an excellent choice, because this Kodak video software is also a great Kodak video editor to make basic video editing to your Kodak videos.

Before you convert your Kodak videos with Doremisoft Kodak Video Converter, you can edit Kodak video with this software. After you add your Kodak videos to this program and select the output format, you can start to edit Kodak video by the following steps:

Step 1: Trim Kodak video
Sometimes, you may not want the whole video you take, and you want to just capture your favorite part from a Kodak video you take. If so, you can click the “Clip” button to trim Kodak video by following the instructions on the screenshot below:


Step 2: Crop Kodak video
You can also crop Kodak video to remove the unneeded sides of your video. To do so, you can click on the “Edit” button to open the Edit window and then drag any of the four sides of the crop frame to crop your Kodak video:


Step 3: Edit Kodak video effects
Doremisoft Kodak Video Converter allows you to edit your Kodak video effects. Just click on the “Effect” tab at the lower left to go to the Edit window and then you can set Kodak video brightness, contrast and saturation and also choose a special effect for your Kodak video from Gray, Emboss and Old film:


Step 4: Start Kodak video conversion
When you are satisfied with the editing results, you can click on the big yellow button to start conversion. And after the conversion, the videos you get will be how you edited before the conversion.
On the conversion window, you can tick the “Open output folder when conversion is finished” option so won’t have to look for the converted files after conversion. If you are converting a lot of Kodak videos or very big sized Kodak videos, you can tick the “Shut down your computer when the conversion finished” option.


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