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I personally own a Dyson DC 07 vacuum for around five years now and I actually worked at a large retail store for a year and a half and always recommended the Dysons to the customers. I can honestly say that Dysons are the best vacuums on the market and are well worth the money you spend on them. I’ve heard from plenty of people including my customers that will agree with me and will recommend the Dyson brand to others. There are a lot of Dyson vacuum reviews on the internet with people praising how excellent the brand is.

Working at the major retailer as a sales person I had my share of questions about the quirky looking vacuums. Many people were blown away after I demonstrated the Dyson and allowed them to run it head to head with the other major brand vacuums. I had people that would come in that swore by a “professional” report for consumers that said that the inferior store brand bag vacuum was better then Dyson, which then I would then show them head to head with a Dyson. Usually after a quick demo the customer disregarded the negative Dyson vacuum reviews by the popular report for consumers and sometimes even bought one.

Sure you may get a little bit of a sticker shock at first when you see the Dysons on the sales floor, but if you can get over the initial price and can afford it then I say buy it. The price was actually one of the reasons the report for consumers gave negative Dyson vacuum reviews. The reason I say buy it if you can, is that they last long and they get the job done right. There’s absolutely nothing that needs to be replaced on a Dyson Vacuum, what it comes with is all that you’ll ever need. Like I said earlier, I have the DC 07, which was the original Dyson on the U.S. market, for about five years and it has never needed any new filers or belts or anything and still has the same suction it did when it came out of the box. I have 2 short hair dogs that shed a lot, a cat and a bird and the Dyson has been picking up after them for its entire life without any problems.

A Dyson Vacuum has incredible suction power, which they’ll actually warn you about when using the hose, because if something were to block the hose or clog it the vacuum will pull itself across the room to where you’re at with the hose end. And the greatest thing is that you’ll never have to worry about losing that power even when the dirt chamber is full, they even guarantee you never lose suction. All you have to do to maintain a Dyson is empty the dust bucket of course, which is just a simple pull of the lever over your trash and an occasional rinse of your filter ever few months. And if anything were to become logged somewhere then you can easily remove different parts of the vacuum to remove the item and then just pop the piece you removed back on.

I only had one little issue with a customer that had bought a Dyson. The customer come in claiming the vacuum wasn’t working and they wanted to return it, so I looked it over and the dirt chamber and hose was full of dirt, dust, hair, etc… So I emptied it and began to take apart the little section connecting the hose and found their lost, now dead, hamster clogging the hose. Sure it was a little gross, but the customer took back the vacuum and was completely happy with it from then on. There are plenty of Dyson vacuum reviews that actually bring up the fact that the vacuum can and will suck up things too big for it to pass, but that’s due to its incredible suction. And Like I said if it does then it is relatively easy to dislodge.

Every new Dyson comes with a 5 year warranty just in case something was to happen to the vacuum, that’s how confident the company is about their product. I’ve never once had a problem with my Dyson or any of the store demos and don’t know anyone who has including customers that bought them. I have family members and friends who love their Dysons and like me will never go to any other brand now. And I say disregard any negative Dyson vacuum reviews that you may have seen printed by the reports for consumers until you have actually tried the brand out, which will get you to rethink how a vacuum should be.

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