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Digital Waterproof Camera Reviews – Which Are the very best ?

Compact cameras these days are extremely specified with a wealth of features, making picture-taking as basic as point and click. A new breed of camera has emerged recently: this is the tough rugged camera which has extra features such as being shock proof, freeze proof and even crush proof.

The advantages making use of a digital waterproof camera are clear: these may be employed within the rain or even underwater, thus adding an entire new dimension to picture-taking with out the added hassle of utilizing a bulky waterproof casing. Those rugged camera models with freeze proof and shock proof features supply even much more flexibility of enabling pictures to be taken in freezing conditions (including a cold winter’s day or outdoor snowy fun) along with much less worry of damage ought to this camera be dropped.

Those digital waterproof cameras with freeze proof and shock proof features are particularly attractive for those with youngsters. Kids love to take pictures but are normally not allowed to use adult cameras for fear of damage. These rugged camera models with their shock proof feature make them ideal as a family camera.

This article considers the present most effective digital waterproof camera brands and models:

Olympus Mju Stylus Tough Camera 8010: Of the Olympus mju Stylus Tough stable, the flagship is the Olympus Tough 8010. With 14 megapixels, a 5x wide-angle optical dual image with stabilized zoom and 2.7″ LCD monitor, this gives terrific flexibility when composing photos. HD movie recording is obtainable too. This camera is also shock proof, freeze proof and crus hproof: you will find no other rugged camera brands that provide all of these features. Verdict: The Olympus mju stylus tough 8010 is the toughest of all rugged camera models. It takes terrific pictures and remains an quick to use compact digital waterproof camera.

Canon Waterproof D10 is really a really well-liked digital waterproof camera. It has a LCD of 2.5 inches, a 3x optical zoom together with 12.1 megapixels lens. The Canon waterproof D10 is also shock proof and freeze proof. Its capability to withstand depths of some 33 feet (10m) makes it 1 of the deepest compact digital waterproof camera models. Verdict: The Canon waterproof D10 is really a solid looking rugged camera which is straightforward to operate.

Fuji Waterproof Camera XP10 is the upgrade from the well-known Z33WP. It has an improved 12 megapixels lens along with a 5x optical zoom. This camera takes outstanding photos and HD movie recording. Verdict: The Fuji waterproof XP10 camera is a lot improved from its predecessor and attractive to take a look at. This is also comparatively inexpensive compared to the other digital waterproof camera brands.

Panasonic Waterproof Camera Lumix DMC TS10 / FT10 has a 14.1 megapixels lens with a 4x optical dual image stabilized zoom. It has LCD screen of 2.7 inches. This is really a good rugged camera and may be taken anywhere given its waterproof, shock proof, dust proof and freeze proof features. Verdict: The Panasonic waterproof camera is really an excellent point and shoot camera offering a wealth of features. Nonetheless, it doe slack a wide-angle lens, even though it makes up for this by taking top quality pictures and it’s straightforward to use.

Pentax waterproof Optio W90 camera is really a well-made rugged camera. It has an exceptional finish which includes protective rubber edging which conveys robustness. The general control layout is fairly typical and effortless to navigate. It’s also loaded with features (for example a 5x optical zoom and HD video). Verdict: The Pentax waterproof Optio W90 camera is tough looking but remains an simple to use digital camera. The strap supplied is really a genuinely neat and thoughtful small touch.

The digital waterproof camera models listed above are the very best present rugged camera models readily available. All these have great features and are intuitive to use. I love my digital waterproof camera (mine is an Olympus mju) since it’s compact, it takes wonderful pictures and it’s a seriously tough rugged camera. It enables me to take photos anywhere such as underwater, up a mountain or out in freezing conditions.

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