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Your colon is a vital digestive organ that often plays a defining role in the maintenance of health. The primary function of the colon is to remove all of the toxins and waste products from the body. If these toxins are left to build up or are not eliminated fully, the individual can suffer from irritable bowel symptoms and other unwanted illnesses such as immune problems, brittle hair and dry skin problems, or a general lack of energy.

People have become much more conscious of the importance of a healthy colon, and colon cleansers are becoming more and more mainstream. Our society is filled with over processed foods which don’t allow our colon to do it’s job as effectively as it needs to.The great thing about colon cleansers is that they can take all the stress off the colon and assist it to return to effectively cleaning out our system.

All the best cleansers have the following benefits:

1) Weightloss – you can lose 5-15 pounds during a cleanse and you’ll feel a lot lighter (say goodbye to that bloating)

2) Goodbye to gas – gas is produced when waste matter is decomposing inside the bowel. By flushing out the matter, the gas is unable to build up.

3) A boost in energy – you will be surprised at your newfound energy after a colon cleanse. Your lymphatic system gets a flush because the colon is no longer leeching toxins into your bloodstream.

4) Fabulous skin and hair – naturopaths have long known that the state of your skin is a direct reflection of the state of your intestine. Your skin will feel more hydrated and look younger. You might even throw away those expensive creams.

Always make sure you go for a colon cleanse that has natural ingredients. These are more effective and are very gentle on your system. If you shop around you should be able to find ones that offer a free trial. That way you can try it out for less than $ 10 (S&H) to see if works for you. Click to see the colon cleanse that I prefer: Bowtrol Reviews

Ward is interested in the health and wellbeing of his readers.

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