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Choreographing the Google News Experience for 2034

Krishna Bharath, the principal scientist at Google Inc., talks about the future trends of how people would like to get news during an interview with TOI.

His envisage about the news after 25 years is, the news delivered will be more personalized which will match the individual’s lifestyle and interests. He also adds that the consumption of such news will be across various devices – laptop, palmtops, mobile phones and more… So, the news will be tailored made for each individual and you will get to read what you really want.

Secondly, news presentation will be more complicated and inter-linked. Readers will like to go deep into the article and would like to know more and gather as much knowledge as required. Moreover, the reader would like to comment and provide opinion on the same. He sees this as a challenge to deliver this functionality.

The third trend he says is public access. In future, the reader will have direct access to government documents, facts and figures and perhaps interact with people at the heart of the news.

News will not be just text. Multimedia and video will dominate here too. Multi-lingual channels can also be anticipated.

Customization is what Google will be looking at now. News has to be customized as per the person’s choices. What is on page 4 for one person will be page 1 for another. When you want to keep the interest of the reader on to the subject, customization and automation of news selection comes into play.

So, the questions which are to be answered are:

How to give the reader what he/she wants?
How to give the reader something else in future which he/she will be interested in?
How to provide good content which drills deep into the area and makes it a rich experience with related information and links?
How to provide interactivity and sharing of such subject with like-minded people?

Do you think for the media, this is a challenge to choreograph the news experience for the reader?

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