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China’s First Launch Of Lofty Holy Work Plus Fiber Synchronous Pavement Surface Vehicles – Cars

Henan lofty holy work GYKT0612 plus fiber synchronous pavement surface test vehicle construction in Henan

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Henan lofty holy work GYKT0612 plus fiber synchronous pavement surface car construction in Liaoning

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Grassroots, adhesive layer (asphalt, fibers), stone analysis diagram

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Recently, domestic the most important maintenance machinery manufacturing enterprises in Henan lofty holy work announced China’s first plus-fiber synchronous pavement surface vehicles, sealing layer of fiber fill a gap in technology, the introduction of an end product China’s fiber sealing layer rely on the status of imported equipment and implements fiber pavement surface of the synchronization. Currently, GYKT0612 plus fiber synchronous pavement surface vehicles are in Liaoning and Henan, the use of highway maintenance and construction with good results.

It is understood that conventional fiber sealing layer is the core equipment with fiber sealing layer also sprinkle (Caesar) cloth and glass fiber asphalt binder and then rolled on top after spreading gravel to form a new layer or wear stress absorbing intermediate layer construction of a new road construction and maintenance technology, and Henan lofty holy work GYKT0612 type plus fiber synchronous pavement surface car step is to break the spreading of this current situation, the layer of asphalt spraying, a layer of fiber spreading, spreading a layer of asphalt, gravel spreading a layer of parallel, a more effective way to improve the aggregate and asphalt, fibers and other binding efficiency.

Henan lofty holy work the researchers introduced, GYKT0612 type plus fiber synchronous pavement surface vehicle is completely high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights, after about a year after market research, technology public relations and practice tests, and finally push to the market. The device uses radar to accurately detect the speed encoder, respectively, asphalt pump speed, to ensure that spraying accuracy, the amount set after spraying, PLC automatically calculate the speed and the pump speed to achieve a spraying automatic control, and can be recommended for drivers reasonable speed; fiber spreader bar uniform fiber spraying device 28, spreading uniformly reliable, fiber construction of pavement surface, breaking through the specialized process in the upper and lower levels of fiber cut evenly spraying the asphalt compound was arbitrary to combine uniform distribution, overlap each other, and form a network of winding asphalt structure, effectively improving the sealing layer of tension, shear, compressive strength and impact strength and other mechanical properties. Especially for the old asphalt pavement (or the new foundation), the stress absorbing surface layers of the middle layer between the existing asphalt pavement and wear-resistant layer of the original construction of the new and old asphalt road construction and maintenance has played the role of effective protection, better extend the conservation cycle and service life.

According to industry sources, Henan lofty holy work has become China’s domestic car models synchronous pavement surface the most complete enterprise, currently has a rubber asphalt pavement surface vehicles simultaneously, small synchronous pavement surface vehicles, large synchronous Chip seal car, do not lift synchronous pavement surface vehicles, plus fiber synchronous pavement surface vehicles such as 6, for rural roads, provincial national highway, highways, bridges, tunnels and other environmental works.

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