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Cheap Kicker Cvr With Reviews


Pros Hard hitting, 1600 watts peak RMS of 800 watts, already 2 ohm, Dual voice coils.

Cons 2 week break in period if you are not careful you could blow a voice coil.

I am running these powered by a kenwood KAC-X812D (919 watts RMS 2 ohm 1600 watts max) and i am only running the amp at half power and you can here me coming. just follow the break in period and you will be fine. This box and sub package comes from kicker pre-installed and wired for two ohms which is a big plus you can basically just plug and play. Dual voice coils at 2 ohms these subs will rock, rattle, and roll anything you play through them.

you want subs that hit hard on every note than these are the ones that you want to buy.

Great price for box and subs at least 150 off retail price from local stores and

Amazing Subs for the price. These are my first subs and I haft to say I made a smart choice going with Kicker. I will only be buying kicker products from now on. I am powering them with a kicker Zx1000.1 mono block amp and my system is slamming. Will need to invest into some dynamat though because my trunk rattles insanely. And the base in the car is quite powerfull. The solo X or barrick would be overkill for my car, but is tempting. I would reccamend this to a friend. Also the kicker Amp wiring kits are really nice wiring it silver tinted and at a great price. Hope this review was helpfull.

I have these subs running on a Kenwood KAC-9103D amp and it shakes my little truck to pieces. I dont have the box that comes with them because I just bought the subs and the subs rattled my box to shreds but before it did that it made it quite hard to breath, swallow, or drink a pop. If drinking a pop I have to wait for the bass to stop and take a drink and they rattle up to a 2 car radius around me at a red light. I know this because my friends were right behind me. But I definitely recommend this sub, they were definitely worth the money.

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