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Car Video Monitors Are No Longer Only For Your Children

While car video monitors were first coming in, they are made up of the kinds of the monitors. The parents can use these kinds of monitors when they took long trips in the family minivan with their children. At present, the customers have quite a bit more car video monitor options available with changing reasons as to what they are used for. in order to satisfy the entertainment during long rides, the parents still are looking in the market, however, nowadays they can install monitors to entertain business clients, play the latest Madden football game with their buddies on the way to a pro football game or review DVD presentations on the way to a meeting.
Flip down Car Video Monitors: the flip down monitors are the overhead monitors which can flip down for your viewing. If you cannot view the monitor, you would not flip them up to increase more overhead space to your vehicle. The kind of this monitor is common used by the customers who have vehicles or need the overhead car video monitors for the passengers in the back seat. Flip down monitors have the same sizes to the overhead monitors.
Overhead Car Video Monitors: Overhead monitors are indeed for the name implying. It can be attached to the vehicle ceiling. Often you can install them in the larger vehicles as a good amount of headroom could be needed for the overhead installation. The overhead car video monitors can fit over the overhead lighting unit of the vehicle. The typical one is 7 to 10 inches, but the largest one is up to 20 inches.
Headrest Car Video Monitors: Your can get the headrest monitors either to the back headrest of your vehicle or into your headrest as using a mounting kit and mounting bracket. The headrest monitors can be replaced with the original headrests if you want to sell or get rid of your vehicle. You can use the headrest monitors to conjunct with or to an overhead monitor as a replacement. Headrest monitors are common around 7 inches too.
Sun Visor Car Video Monitors: you also can get the sun visor monitors into the current sun visor of your vehicle or to your original sun visor as a replacement. Sun visor replacement monitors manufacturers, to match the interior of the vehicle as closely as possible, have designed the visors in a lot of the different kinds of textures and colors. The typical sun visor monitors are 5 inches; the larger ones are 7 inches.
Mirror Car Video Monitors: Mirror car video monitors are LCD displays; you can fit them over the existing rearview mirror in the vehicle. Even you are using them as the traditional video monitors, the mirror monitors are very well for rearview cameras as well. They are the smallest monitor types to the vehicle; they are no more than 4 inches long.
In-Dash Car Video Monitors: In-dash car video monitors can provide video entertainment to the often-neglected front seat passenger. The in-dash monitors are usually one component of a larger unit which includes a TV tuner and receiver. The monitors are often 7 inches or less.

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