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CAR POOL: An intimate story between two girls on the same ground


Car Pool is one of the big hits from Karin Kallmaker, in which the story rotates around one of the sexiest lesbian romance. The heavenly story of the Car Pool turns into hell, when Anthea Rossignole catches up that her lover is going on in an affair with another girl. After this, the only thing which was left with her was her successful career as a cost analyst at an oil refinery. She was keenly thriving for someone to share the long drive with her.

Shay Sumoto, the another lead role in the story was also seeking someone desperately for Car Pool. Though she was overqualified but she took a low paying job testing well samples, in order to keep her body and soul together. The basic reason behind this was the long duration terminal illness of her father, accompanying the big loss of the company, which she owned with her father. This left her with no money, no time and even no sense of humor to enjoy her life.

Anthea and Shay begin carpooling together, where their first experience with each other was not good, but later on it turned into a good chemistry. The book has revealed the hidden intimacy, which a person wants to share with anyone, whether it be with his/ her opposite sex or with the same one. You can explore the remaining story via Online Romance Books, where you will be getting hold of this sexy love story and many more like this one.

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