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Car theft is very common now-a-days. Whatever the technology is used in the car to protect it, the thieves find someways to break that technology and steal the car. So the manufacturers of car alarm are finding so many new ways to improve the features in the car alarm. With the help of advancement in technology, car alarms with various new security features are coming into the market. 

The alarms that came on early days are very simple. They uses the simple circuit. When the door of the car is forced to open, the alarm circuit will get closed. And it will produce a loud sound. With the help of technology improvement, the car alarms with sensors have been introduced in the market. The sensors can react to the changes in the light or pressure, and produce the alarm accordingly. There are sensors which react to the shock. When someone tried to move the vehicle, the shock sensors will make the alarm to raise sound. This will prevent the car from being stolen. But if someone accidentally slides on the car, at that time also this will raise the alarm. The vibrations in road due to the passing of vehicles nearby may also make the shock sensors to activate the alarm. Because of these reasons the car owner will feel frustrated. But the improvement in shock sensor activating the alarm, will make these kind of car alarms more effective.

With the innovating ideas, manufacturers are making car alarms with wonderful features. If the vehicles got stolen, some car alarms have the capability to stop the car by itself. Some car alarms will send the signals related to the car’s location. Using that signal, the police can easily detect the location of the car. The car alarms are usually manufactured with equipments such as radio receiver, USB of wireless type, motion detector and immobilizer. 

Selecting a car alarm that is suitable for your car is very important. Before selecting the car alarm the following steps can be followed to get the best out of the car alarms available. To know about the various models of car alarms available, go through the magazines. There are several service providers available whom you can directly contact and get the details of the alarms. This will help you to get the information regarding the car alarms and various advanced features available in it. Though car alarms came with advanced features, some will not suit your car model. Selecting an alarm that does not match your car will not provide the expected security to the car. Getting the warranty card for the purchased alarm is very important. Buying branded alarms will cost more. But the durability of those alarms will be high. 

While buying a car alarm, do not hesitate to invest some extra amount in that. This will be an investment for the security of your car. Compared with the cost of the car, the amount spent on the car alarms will be affordable for the car owners.

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