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Canon Powershot S90 Reviews – How Does It Compare?

When looking for Canon Powershot S90 reviews, the very first thing that you will know is that this is an excellent digital camera for advanced amateurs. This means that this gadget performs better than the average but not to the extent that it is preferred by professionals, and this was how it’s designers inteded. One of the best things about this model is that it is very compact, lightweight, and has user-friendly controls.

The design is fairly simple as its body is completely flat and it exudes a minimalistic appearance. The control ring is around the lens and this is used so that you can control various shooting specifications such as focus, zoom, exposure compensation, white balance, and shutter speed. The Control Dial can be found at the back and this is also used to change various settings. The flash is located on top of the body and it automatically pops up and retracts when turned on and off. In general, this model has a design that is very similar to the other models from this line.

This model weighs about 175 grams and it has a very compact size. This can easily fit into your jeans pocket and you can easily carry it everywhere.

Of course, when looking for Canon Powershot S90 reviews, it is also essential that you focus on the performance. There are at least 25 modes available on this model. Most of these are specialty scene modes that the other models already possess. The Auto mode is the scene-recognizing feature. There is also a mode that can allow you to assign a set of shooting options to the C position in the mode dial. You can also drop the resolution by up to 1,824 x 1,368 pixels through the Low Light Mode.

The performance is just a little slower as you might have hoped for. For instance, the first shot can take about 1.8 seconds when shooting in high-quality JPEG. It is even slower if you are shooting raw. There are about 45 shutter speeds from 1/1,600 of a second to 15 seconds. In general, its capturing speed is fine if not totally impressive.

When it comes to the quality of the photos, you can expect a lot since its colors are very consistent and the noise suppression feature is not too heavy. The lens is fine and it is very consistent from edge to edge. The advanced options that you might enjoy have something to do with the exposure bracketing and focus bracketing. These options can allow you to take photos in a manual position and in a preset position. It also has a feature that can correct the manual white balance.

When reading some Canon Powershot S90 reviews, you will be told that this camera is great for advanced amateurs. And certainly, with a price tag around the 400 dollar range, this is a good choice for enthusiasts.

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