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Canon Eos 500d Camera Analysis And Reviews (part 3)


Canon Eos 500d Camera Analysis And Reviews (part 3)
Continue with Canon Eos 500d Camera Analysis And Reviews (part 2) Another regret, there is no mode except full-auto auto-focus’. summerized: Indeed, in auto mode, the camera only the collimator chose on which to focus canon bp-511 battery. The only way to choose the sights is via the mode any  textbook, and duty paid at the time of hand exposure, aperture, ISO, etc.. It’s very frustrating … I wish I could make every car, and just say what I want to develop.

A typical example is to take a photo through a relatively tight mesh, or through blinds for example. The camera will always focus on the screen (closer), and the only way to set back the development will require to switch to manual mode. A simple picture that could be taken in 2 seconds suddenly took a lot longer and requires precise adjustments.

This is the only real regret that I overlooked this unit. The unit also offers a video mode, so access is not very intuitive. This video mode is relatively limited and too frustrating. On the one hand, there is no real AF worthy of the name (we must change the mode canon lp-e5 battery to manual focus on the objective and to focus manually during image acquisition, which is not always practical when you have to simultaneously hold the device and possibly zoom) on the other hand, the HD mode is limited to 20 frames per second which gives a jerky video (the fluidity of our eye starting at 24 fps), and most importantly, the export is done in a format. mov h.264 certainly very well packed, but extremely complicated to use Windows. So we end up searching for plug-ins or to convert all your videos to try to import them into its editing software preferred.

The too much loss of time, quality shooting, and many regrets. And yet, the videos are really well made, although there is canon lp-e6 battery no microphone input (mono so its not terrible), and that trend has largely hear squeals of the device and the clack of reducing the target opening. I almost forget the live view mode that allows, as a compact digital camera, take the picture by looking at the screen (not in the viewfinder). This method may eventually help to take pictures in inaccessible location (above a crowd, arms outstretched, for example), but the focus is then very slowly (the famous throwing 3 or 4 seconds) requires continuous support of a button, what really makes this method relatively useless gadget. Photos As I said, the case represents only a relative quality photos.

However, there is one that generates the image …
and on this point, we can blame white people who saw him quickly to the orange in the middle a little dark, but good noise correction (see section on the sensor). For these technical points I refer you to ‘real’ tests ‘true’ journalists who have the equipment and skills to make comparisons and give a objective point of view. Batter The battery has a lifetime is quite substantial (approximately 1000 pictures). However, I encourage you to invest in a second set that will very cheap canon lp-e8 battery cost you a bit expensive (55 euros), but the charge indicator is composed of only three levels: full, half empty, when the ’empty’ flashes red, it will not be enough power to hold a full evening. And as recommended, as with any battery, wait for the complete discharge, the choice does not arise. The battery access is easy and seems solid (important detail because it’s probably ‘the’ trap that you will handle more in the unit). After the shooting To recover your photos,

nothing new, either extracted the SD card or the camera is canon nb-1lh battery connected via USB to a computer. In this regard, the hatch allows access to the mini-usb  connector seems a bit fragile and not very accessible and convenient. It’s a shame! The unit comes with a suite of Canon software or more (see above) less useful. However, the software import is rather well done and can record in a somewhat intelligent your photos on your disk (file to the current date, storing photos already imported, etc.).

Note also the possibility to control the device from your computer for photos ‘studio’. My review after 8 months?
Some regrets (but why can not we choose to Collimator auto eh? Why?), But a lot of fun and many memories boxed. I found the unit well designed, well thought out and I do not regret my purchase. Now, why choose one over another?

What I decided is firstly the quality of the screen that is something against which nothing can be done once canon nb-2l battery purchased, the other the opportunity to ride high in the ISO, quality general assembly and finishing. Does it justify the extra cost compared to a 450D? In hindsight, I’m not convinced … it is then for everyone to have his trial.

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