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Business Security Cameras – Product Reviews

Almost every business has some kind of security system for a variety of purposes from preventing shoplifting, to simple surveillance, to employee security, room security, alarms, computer security, the list is almost endless. Security cameras are usually part of that system.

Sometimes a security camera can be as good a deterrent as a burglar alarm or a security guard. If there is a security breach a camera can be used to identify the bad guys. Video evidence is almost impossible to refute.

Businesses need to be concerned about internal and external security. Internal is employees, customers and suppliers inside a building. External security has to do with burglars, vandals and others who would do harm to the business.

There are several categories of business security cameras. We will review 3 types: hidden cameras; complete camera systems and high speed PTZ dome cameras.

Hidden cameras come in many styles some complete with DVR’s inside. They come disguised as normal office or household items like wall clocks, alarm clocks, exit signs, desk lamps, thermostats, tower fans, CO detector and many more. Some are wired; most are wireless, some black and white some in color.

The technology requires a DVR or some means to record the images and a monitor to view them. All are readily available.

If you are looking for a way to catch a dishonest employee or monitor a high theft area like food out the back door when no one is looking a hidden camera may solve your problem.

Complete systems on the other hand are anything but discreet. They have everything included from cameras, wiring, monitor and DVR to do mostly external security on buildings and parking lots. They can have anywhere from 4 to 16 cameras. Some systems are wired some come wireless.

They send a clear unmistakable message that the building is being watched.

Lastly are PTZ dome cameras. They are the most sophisticated security cameras in the world. They have full pan tilt zoom capability with great resolution and 230 X -236 X magnification and a fabulous zoom lens that varies by model. One model automatically adjusts to changes in light and object distances with 360° continuous monitoring.

They are the perfect answer for external security to catch vandals. Want to get the license plate # on someone who just robbed your business? Turn a high speed PTZ camera loose on them.

Jack Krohn owns ‘Security Solutions’ and has written over 400 articles on self defense and home security.

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