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Budget Car Rentals Group Review


Budget Car Rentals is part of the bigger Cendant Group. It has a presence in almost all the countries. They offer very competitive rates on all their rental packages. Anyone who may need to rent a car will find Budget Car Rentals worth trying out. Not only do they have a wide range of cars available, the cars are in pretty good shape, well-managed and comfortable. Though they are among the most successful rental companies in the world, they have maintained their customer friendly pay rates. This explains why they have such a huge number of loyal customers. From one time users to frequent travelers, their clientele is diverse. Their branches can be found in all the major cities in the world; from The United States – Idaho, Alabama, Wyoming and every other state, to The United Arab Emirates and countries in Africa.

As a budget car rental customer, you enjoy the freedom to choose the car that you wish to ride in. They do not impose a particular car make or model on you. Choose from small cars to medium-sized and large car makes, convertibles, trucks and buses, cargo vans, high dependency models and reservable makes/models. You will not miss your match at their showroom. This is a company that has strict environmental policies in relation to air pollution by cars through exhaust fumes. For this reason, they use green cars which are environment friendly, unlike most cars on the road today. The cars are also energy efficient.

If you would rather rest and have someone else drive you around, you will be well catered to. The company has three chauffeur services: Budget Chauffeur Drive, Budget Specialized and Budget Door2Door. Under Budget Chauffeur drive, you are given a personal chauffeur for the period of time you want. He/she will pick you up from wherever you are and wait for you to finish your business. In Door2Door, your chauffeur picks you up and drops you off at your preferred location. These two programs are offered all through the week, 24 hours each day. The Budget Specialized program features cars which are specially designed to carry disabled people, those in wheel-chairs and other disabilities. They have a capacity of carrying two such people, and three other people. You need to book earlier for this service, after which it will be availed to you within 24 hours.

Budget Car Rentals adhere to the set rules concerning age limits and exceptions in relation to who is legally allowed to rent a car. These rules differ in every country but are adhered to all the same. The same applies to credentials. Different regions may need an extra form of identification apart from the driver’s license, which is mostly compulsory. The terms of payment they use are different in every area, but major credit cards are accepted in most areas. The client has the choice to use either a debit or credit card.

Budget Car Rentals have excellent customer relations and will receive you well. You will get discounts on various services; weekly, daily, weekend or monthly. You also have the chance to gain points on car hire at other rental stations that have partnered with Budget in any of the company’s international partnerships to make sure that you are a winner.

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