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Bright Tricks to Hang Kraft Paper Wallpaper

Kraft paper wallpaper is a great idea to change the appearance of your room into new look although you are on a limited budget. This certain wall covering nowadays is quite popular since it gives excellent look for any rooms in your house. If you are interested to apply this certain wall covering to your interior decor, you can read these basic steps first.

First, you have to remove all residues from the wall. Then, brush your wall with a coat of Draw Tite No Run to prepare your wall before being covered. During this process, do not forget to wear your rubber gloves. And, make sure that should measure the size of the wall in order to determine the size of the required Kraft paper.

Then, tear Kraft paper from its roll and tear it into pieces. Make them in different shapes and sizes. Brush the pieces of tape with the wallpaper tape and place them, on your wall. Arrange the tape well in order to get great and attractive look. Any pieces with straight edges should be used on the wall around the ceiling, window trim, floor, and doorways. Place the pieces of Kraft paper in overlapping arrangement in order to cover all the exposed wall area.

Take your plastic scraper and use it to push the Kraft paper down against your wall. Remove all bubbles between your wall and your paper. You can also do scraping to help you sticking and adjoining the pieces of paper to the wall. Wait for a while to dry the paste and wallpaper thoroughly.

Then, add some amount of brown acrylic paint to a can of Polyurethane or Draw Tite. Mix them well until well-blended with your painter stick or brush. Then, use this mixture to brush your Kraft papered surfaces and see the result.

It is easy and simple. You will not find any difficulty in decorating your wall with this kind of craft.

You can also take advantages of your Kraft tape dispenser in order to get pieces of tape in straight edges easily. You can have this certain product along with other packing tape dispensers easily in the market.

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