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Like book reviews and article reviews, movie reviews are generally used for two major purposes-academic and professional purposes. Movies have educative material that teaches virtually on all subjects and topics such security, economics, romance, crime and societal issues-just to mention but a few. As a result, it is common to find teachers and lecturers in contemporary America using movies as teaching materials. The movies selected usually have content that may be related to the topic or subject under highlight in class. The teachers or tutors usually recommend the students to watch eth movies and later an assessment on the activity is carried out through the writing of movie reviews. The students are usually asked to be keen on the themes and storyline of the movie and thereafter; they are asked to clearly outline how the content they learned may be reflected within the movie. Therefore, in such cases movie reviews serve as evaluation tools for the students, because they assess their understanding of the content taught within the curricula.

On the other hand, movie reviews may be used for professional or commercial purposes of marketing. In such instances the movie reviews serve as a qualitative analysis of the movie which actually is used to determine the quality of a movie. Professional movie reviews mainly highlight the production quality, picture quality, character casting efficiency and the content of the movie. This also captures the reception of the movie among the public and audience. This serves as an appraisal of the movie and its producers, writers, and actors. A large number of people are dependant on movie reviews as their main source of information when making evaluations on which movies to watch or buy.

Movie reviews should start by stating the movie category, producer/s, director/s, the main characters and a few other details such as year of production. The main features to follow in the movie reviews should include the basic plot of the movie, which outlines the major events that take place within the movie. This section should not be explicitly done because not all events can be included in the review. The review should rather focus on the main events and how the shape the story line of the movie. The ending and surprise plot twists should be avoided because these are left out as intriguing details that are meant to make the reader seek the movies after reading their relevant movie reviews.

The highlight of events within a movie review should also highlight the main characters in relation to their involvement in the plot’s sequence. Thereafter, the movie reviews should cover the relevant parts of the story that bring out the main themes of the movie. This section within the movie reviews should include the writers’ opinion on the actors, script, photography and direction-basically, the general quality of the film. The movie reviews should also include a recommendation section that states whether the movie is worth watching. The section may also recommend the appropriate category that should watch the film as well as offer cautionary instructions about the movie-such as whether it can be disturbing emotionally. The writer may also take this further and enlighten the populace on where the movie may be acquired or watched. In the academic field, an explicit section should be included that outlines the thematic relevance of the movie’s content to the subject or topic learned.

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