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Being In The Middle Of Your Favorite Video Game

With the popularity of 3D movies bursting and the movie studios and distributors almost forcing it down the publics collective throats, it was just a matter of time before the technology hit our living rooms. First it was in the form of 3D TVs that everybody could upgrade from their standard high definition television to, and now it is 3D gaming.

If it adds to the performance or the impact of the movie or games, then 3D is a medium that should be considered. But there are an awful lot of movies being formatted into 3D and they are not any better for it. They simply make me pay more to see them at the movies and have to use a flimsy pair of 3D glasses when I sit there. You still have to wear the glasses at home, however the quality of the goggles is much better than the disposable ones that you get at the movies.

What you dont want is just another gimmick to get you to purchase the technology, only to learn down the road that it is not that great. Everybody has been bitten in the past, whether it was an HD-DVD player or Beta, or LaserDisc, everybody has made a jump in technology and been wrong. It can be a pricey mistake, especially when the technology costs so much when it’s new. That is why the HDTV’s have finally gotten so inexpensive; because so many people bought into the idea and format.

The first people that bought CD players were likely hesitant that the new format wouldnt take off and they would be stuck with an expensive piece of equipment and only a handful of compact discs to play on it. This is the problem that people have with this whole new 3D craze, they are not quite sure if the craze will be a full blown hit. The same could be said about 3D gaming.

Is it going to be accepted as a viable type of entertainment? Are developers going to make games for it past the initial launch of the technology? Are people going to still be excited about the technology 6 months or a year after the launch? These are realistic and imperative questions to think about whenever there is a new technology which you’re interested in purchasing. The most significant thing is that you’re not disappointed if it does not take off, that you enjoyed the adventure and the experience.

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